Paytm App on Android Now Supports 11 Religion Languages

Paytm App on Android Now Supports 11 Religion Languages DP

Now Paytm’s Android app supports 11 Indian languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Malayalam and Punjabi. We know that PhonePe is the other mobile payments app which supports Indian languages. Apart from English PhonePe supports Tamil and Hindi.

However, it is not impeccable: for instance, on picking an electricity bill payment option or mobile phone recharge option, while greatest number of the text is in the interpreted language, electricity board names and operator names continue to be displayed in English. Likewise, specifications and descriptions of products in ecommerce. On the homepage the certain elements are currently in English. It anticipate translations, it will become better with time.

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Paytm has just passed over 50 million app downloads, and it claims that it crossed 140 million wallet users.

Language support is especially crucial, in India it given the demonetization drive, to sign up customers and merchants it represents payments businesses with a great opportunity:  a plurality of India’s population does not speak in English, this launch is timely and opportune.

Paytm App on Android Now Supports 11 Religion Languages

Now Paytm supports 11 different languages, these include English and major Indian vernaculars. The advertise falls in line with recent report which signifies towards the expansion in non-English speaking users accepting digital service in India. More than 35 percent of Paytm users prefer their religion language to use Paytm app, said in a press statement. After English, Hindi is the most preferable language in India and vernacular languages like Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati also follow the league. In 2014 Paytm started its operation and within 5 years of their journey these digital platform covers more than 88 percent of Indian villages. Around 60 percent of Paytm users are depends out of tire 2 and tire 3cities.

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Senior vice president, Deepak abbot said that now a day’s Paytm app is used by millions of Indians for their daily needs and is uses are constantly rises day by day. He also said that they really work hard to add all major Indian languages on Paytm app, which users have enjoyed the most.

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