Indian Scientists Who Changed the World and Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Them!

indian scientists

India’s Contribution In Every Field

Indian scientists have contributed a lot in every field. Let it be mathematics, science, or any other field. Without the contribution of these scientists, the world could not have become the place it is today. The science could not have achieved what it has achieved today. An Indian scientist did the very basic of mathematics, the discovery of the number zero. Without the contribution of indian scientists, we could not live as peacefully as we are living today. We could not have developed this much and could not have made our lives so easy. Let us find out about some of the top Indian Scientists.

Top Indian Scientists

Indian discoveries are an important part of the development going on throughout the world. These could not have been done without the help of Indian scientists. Let us find out about some of the top Indian Scientists:

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CV Raman

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was born in 1888. He won a Nobel prize for Physics in 1930. He worked in the scattering of light. He was the first Asian and first Non-white to receive a Nobel Prize in the history of science. He also worked on musical instruments’ acoustics. He was the first scientist to discover the harmonic nature of the sound. He discovered how light’s wavelength changes when it passes through a transparent material. The process was named after him as a Raman Effect.

Homi J. Bhabha

Homi J. Bhabha was born on October 30, 1909, and played an important role in Quantum Theory. He became the first person who became the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India. He started his career in nuclear physics from Great Britain, Bhabha, returned to India and played a very important role in convincing the Congress Party’s senior leaders.

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Visvesvaraya was born on September 15, 1860, and was a notable engineer, statesman, Diwan of Mysore, and Scholar. He received the Bharat Ratna, the highest honor of the Indian Republic. He wanted India to be at the same level as other industrialized countries. He wanted development in India.

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan was born in 1929 in Chennai. He was a space scientist who was known globally. He’s known for his fabrication and design of ultralight sailboats and aircraft.


Chandrashekar was born in Lahore in 1910. He was awarded a Nobel prize for his theory of black holes and his physics. The Chandrasekhar limit was named after this scientist. The most discussed work from him includes radiation of energy from the stars, majorly dwarf white stars, the dying fragments of stars.

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Shrinivasa Ramanujan

Shrinivasa Ramanujan was born in 1887, and he was one of the greatest mathematicians Indian has ever had. He contributed to various mathematics fields, such as infinite series, complex analysis, number theory, and many more. In the 20th century, he found a very efficient way of calculating pi, which was later used in computer algorithms.

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose was a man of multiple talents. He was born in West Bengal in 1858. He was not just an Archaeologist, physicist, biologist, botanist, and a polymath. He studied microwave and radio wave optics and also made multiple contributions to botany.

Not just these but also many more indian scientists have contributed to the science we are studying today, and our lives have been made so easy. Without these scientists, science could not have reached so far ahead.

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