Huawei’s $2,600 5G Foldable Smartphone: Broke the Price Ceiling

Huawei’s $2,600 5G Foldable Smartphone

Hey tech savvys, remember few days back Samsung unveiled its first foldable phone? And there is another trending news coming up where Huawei has unveiled its $2600 5G folding smartphone, the Mate X.The amazing phone was launched by the company’s CEO, Richard Yu on Sunday February 24, 2019.

From the sources we came to know is, the new Mate X has a single 8-inch OLED display that easily folded like a book. One of the most popular independent Tech Writer for Forbes, Ben Sin has mentioned in his review that “The fold design provided here is backwards instead of inwards which means that the screen continues to face out even while folded, and the hinge isn’t quite at the mid-way point, as one side of the display bends back to fit into an aluminum chassis that has a vertical row of Leica-branded cameras.”

Putting a detailed focus we came to know that, at the folded condition, the phone front screen has a 6.6 inch display whereas in the back, the screen is 6.4 inches in display and can be used for taking selfies, and many other tasks that users generally do with one hand, such as dialing phone numbers and all. Talking more about its technical specifications, it has a bar running alongside the selfie screen which is another distinctive design choice created by Huawei. It is referred as an “ergonomic curvature” that allows for a firm grip on the device while it’s in unfolded condition. While the phone folds flat on both sides, the grip is designed in such a way that it makes the user easier to hold the unfolded device with one hand. The bar also has the 3-camera system which is designed in partnership with Leica.

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Huawei’s $2,600 5G Foldable Smartphone

It has a dual battery system inside. The phone has two batteries, one in each half, summing up the total battery life to 4500mAh which might have been increased keeping in mind of its extra high performance level. It has an amazing supercharging technology where It boasts 55W for supercharging, which means one can charge 85 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes, impressing. Like other phones, the Mate X also has a dual SIM technology.

Focusing more on its internal mechanism,  this phone is powered by the processors like Balong 5000 and Kirin 980 which is Huawei’s in-house processors. According to the sources, the company guarantees that this phone will offer speeds 10 times faster than the 4G phones and more than 2 times the official industry standard for 5G. Bringing it into the frame, we can say that you can download a 1GB movie in 3 seconds, according to Huawei. If the above statement, comes true then believe me, it gonna break all the records ang gonna bring a a revolution in the tech industry.

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The major improvement the Mate X has that sets it apart from the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is,  its display spans edge to edge with both folded and unfolded conditions which is amazing. It creates a more immersive effect due to that. The other differentiating factor is its $2,600 price-tag, which demands  $600 more than the Samsung equivalent. After launching of both of the phones by Samsung and Huawei, let’s see which is taking the market high.

I’m sure that after listening about such huge technically advanced phone, you are at your nerves to see the phone launching. The phone will take some time to launch but that time is not so long as per the sources. Huawei has its own launch event for smartphones scheduled for late March probably in Paris, where it is expected to announce the latest version of its real flagship phones. But for setting a unique and special launch, The Mate X won’t go on sale until at least June, quoted by the CEO, Richard Yu.

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Let’s have finger crossed and wait to see when exactly the phone is going to be launched in the market where many of us will be there to grab one. The phone is probably going to create a revolution in the smartphone industry with its ultra fast processing speed and awesomely outward foldable design provided with firm grip on hands.

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