Why and how to Unmute the WhatsApp status?

How to unmute whatsapp status

Numerical people are using WhatsApp applications nowadays for personal and business needs. These applications will be acting as if the internet is connected whereas, by this application, the user can share information with others through the conversation image or video; even people have the future to share vital status information with all people in the contact list through the process of posting in the status. Show the individual who posts the status by their contact, or the specific contact list members can view the posted status as by the individual. The posted by the individual will be active for 24 hours.

In this post, you will be reading about what are the reasons for unmuting WhatsApp status and how to Unmute the WhatsApp status. With no breaking point as if you gather this article, you can get deep information and a clear method how to Unmute the WhatsApp status.

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Few reasons to Unmute the WhatsApp status

The individual those who have accentually muted or changed their mind about the meeting or also the reasons that may have missed the important updating or a piece of news from the person whose updating status was muted.

A because of many reasons, such as you will be stepped up to mute, one of your contact statuses will as like it there, or also many reasons as to Unmute the WhatsApp status. Even the individual may have updated their privacy settings, and you cannot see the status updating from all the contact. Even though you may think that muting a status is less necessary, you want to see the update again.

Step by step procedure has how to Unmute the WhatsApp status

Do you need help unmuting the WhatsApp status, or are you looking for third-party support on how to Unmute the WhatsApp status? This passage brings a few steps as to how you can do the unmuting process of your WhatsApp status.

  • First, the WhatsApp user needs to open the application on the device, whether a mobile laptop or a desktop.
  • Once users open the application, they have to go to the status page, where on their top, there will be the status options at the centre of the screen.
  • Once tapping on the status features, the user needs to scroll down until they find out the end page of the status, whereas on the end page, only there will be the unmuted contact list of status.
  • Then they use and need to long press on their status, and until a menu appears, they have to tap on the unmuted contact in status.
  • So, by typing on the unmuted option, the blocked status will be updated from the contract and appear on the status feed again.
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How to Unmute the WhatsApp status on Android

You will be gathering the procedure has how to Unmute the WhatsApp status from the above passage; this is one of the basic processes most applicable to most WhatsApp users, and it is also applicable to Android users. So, from the above gatherings, you will be getting the procedure of how you need to Unmute the status in the easier way, so follow those methods.

Why can’t I see the muted status on WhatsApp? 

Once you have muted someone’s status and WhatsApp, their update should not appear in the status feed. There may be numerical reasons why you can still see their status updating as first; you may have unlimited their status without realizing you. Are even there will be issues with your WhatsApp installation or device? For this reason, you will also see the unmuted status in your feed list.

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Even if there is a bug, your feature Unmute could be working properly in these cases of error as you need to check the updating of your WhatsApp, or you have to contact WhatsApp support for assistance.


The unmute process differs slightly depending upon the device of the WhatsApp user’s version. Still, if you need help, even if you complete the above process, you can get technical support from WhatsApp.

FAQs about How to unmute whatsapp status?

How do I unmute someone’s status on WhatsApp

By holding the unmuted status for a long time, as you get the option of unmuted, you have to tap that option then the Unmute status will be the least in the status feed list. Even you can get the WhatsApp customer care assistant to sort out your unmuting process.

Why can’t I see my muted status on WhatsApp? 

There are numerical reasons why you are still seeing the unlimited status on your feed status; the recent could be your updated WhatsApp application or a features error, or you will be unmuting the muted person without realizing it.

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