How to Sell Bitcoin

Sell Bitcoin

It isn’t as quick to cash out the Bitcoins as it is to purchase them. You may either sell your Bitcoins via an exchange, a direct trade, or a peers-to-peers deal if you plan to sell them. You could withdraw fiat cash using a Bitcoin ATM outside the safety of your own homes or sell your Coins in hand.


With a range of drawbacks, exchanges are a one-stop centre for buying and selling Bitcoins. Bitcoin exchanges operate as a middleman when it comes to selling, keeping both the seller’s and buyer’s funds. First and foremost, you must open an exchange account of your preference. To withdraw your money, most trustworthy exchanges would need full identification authentication as well as a related bank account. Then you put a ‘sale bid,’ showing the form of currency you choose to sell, its number, and your price per unit asking for. Once anyone matches the bid, the exchange would immediately complete the trade. Also, you can start trading with and earn more money in the future.

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After moving to your account, you will have to transfer the funds from your related bank account. This may sometimes take an enormous amount of time, particularly if the exchange encounters issues with its banks or faces liquidity problems. In comparison, certain banks outright decline to process trades of funds raised by investing in cryptocurrencies. They are vulnerable to cyber threats, and there have been reports of exchanges shutting down and fleeing with their customers’ money. Therefore, you can take absolute accountability for your finances and retain any funds that aren’t needed right away in a safe offline wallet. Furthermore, several exchanges can place a cap on the amount of money you can carry. The limit can extend over time if you stay committed to a single exchange.


These are linked to the Web instead of linking to the user’s bank account is required to be allowed to enable transfers with Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs may take cash and trade it for Bitcoins in the form of a paper bill with a QR code or by converting the money to a Blockchain wallet. Typically, they charge very large processing fees – media reports reporting fees as high as seven percent are available. They’re often highly tough to track down. This Bitcoin ATM chart displays the positions of the most well-known Bitcoin ATMs. Only a few Bitcoin ATMs provide bi-directional features, enabling consumers to purchase and sell Bitcoins at the same time. Customers are often expected to provide an existing account with Bitcoin ATM providers to make transactions. There is also a lot of time, resources, and commitment involved with the registration process.

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Online P2P Trading

In the Bitcoin universe, peers-to-peers trading marketplaces are a recent creation. A full exchange of funds should not take effect. Instead, such websites act simply as a forum that brings together individuals with distinct but complementary needs. The service is intended to help all users that want to purchase Bitcoins using their credit card and users that want to use their Bitcoins to buy products from sites that don’t allow digital currencies as payment. Consequently, the former is traded for BTC with their fiat currency, whereas the latter will purchase cheaper items. The websites that enable the service provide customers with a payment escrow service and wallets to hold Bitcoins. Purse and Open Bazaar are among the websites which provide such facility.

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Selling Bitcoin in Person

Trading digital currencies in person in several respects are just as simple as it comes. To sell your Bitcoins, all you must do is check a QR code on someone’s phone and collect an amount of cash. You need to line them up with a Bitcoin wallet, give them the requisite sum and receive your cash whether you’re selling to friends or family. If you’re negotiating with a random guy, though, you’ll almost definitely have to go through multiple rounds of bargaining to find out the price, meeting venue, and other pertinent information. You must also consider a few aspects to guarantee your protection and the security of your funds.

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