How to save Instagram story with music?

how to save instagram story with music

The Music sticker-embedded audio tracks are not included in Instagram’s built-in functionality for saving and downloading Stories. Discover how to save Instagram Stories with the Music remaining by reading the advice provided below.

How can Music be added to an Instagram Story?

You may quickly add songs to your Instagram Story using the music sticker by knowing How to save Instagram story with music. Utilizing the Instagram app, create a Story, press the Sticker icon, and choose Music.

Using Vista Social’s popular audio suggestions to choose tracks for Instagram Story is quicker and more efficient. Add the video you wish to utilize to Vista Social’s publisher, then click the “three dots” icon in the thumbnail. To add trendy audio choices to liven up your Instagram videos, select “Pick sound.”

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To find particular songs, use the search box found under the Trending sounds page. If not, choose one of the suggestions below, then press Apply sound.

The time required to design and produce Instagram content is reduced by creating audio recommendations. This frees you up to concentrate on other responsibilities, such as developing Instagram Story questions, examining your statistics and analytics, keeping an eye on your competition, etc.

Save Instagram video with music in gallery              

Open the Story using the Instagram app, then tap More to save an Instagram Story with your uploaded music.

If your Story is a photo, tap “Save” and choose “Save Photo.” Otherwise, choose “Save Video.” Your gallery will now contain a copy of your Story. This technique only preserves the video or image without audio if you add Music to your Story using a sticker. But there is a tool for everything like there is a way to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story.

How can I keep music-filled Instagram Stories without posting them?

Before publishing Instagram Stories with Music, save them directly from the app. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch the Instagram app, then start a Story.
  • Use the music sticker in step two to include a song in your Story.
  • Tap the three dots icon in the top-right corner of the Story before publishing it.
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The draught of your Story will be saved to your gallery after you tap “Save” in step four with the Music intact.

How can Music be saved for the next Instagram Stories?

  • To save Music using the Instagram app for the next Stories, follow these steps:
  • Launch the Instagram app, then start a new Reel.
  • Choose a picture or a video using the Instagram camera feature or from your gallery.
  • Click “Audio” on the left-hand side of the main toolbar.
  • Swipe to the left after finding the song you wish to save.
  • To save the song on Instagram, perform Step 5: tap the bookmark symbol.

How to save Instagram story with music in gallery without app?

An easy tutorial for utilizing Snaptube to download Instagram stories with music

  • Install the Snaptube app on your Android device, first.
  • Open the Snaptube app and press the IG symbol. 
  • Locate the Instagram story you wish to download.  
  • Download the Instagram story with music.  
  • You can also convert the downloaded video to mp3 audio.

How can you remove Instagram music that you’ve saved?

  • To remove Music from your Instagram collection, follow these steps:
  • Open the Instagram app, then start a new Reel.
  • Choose a video or photo from your collection in step two.
  • Step 3: Select “Audio.”
  • Step 4: Click “Saved” on the music selection screen.
  • Step 5: Search your music library for the songs you want to remove.
  • Step 6: To delete it from your collection, swipe to the left and hit the bookmark button.
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How do you save audio on Instagram 2022?

Swipe left to locate the audio in the Instagram Reel editor, then hit the bookmark icon to save the file. Utilize audio tracks you’ve stored for upcoming Instagram Stories and Reels. And have an idea about How to save Instagram story with music.


Using this technique, you know How to save Instagram story with music, you can add Music to your Instagram “collection.” As a result, whenever you wish to use a particular music, you won’t need to look for it again.

FAQ about how to save instagram story with music

How can we save Instagram Stories with Music in the gallery?

The following are several methods for downloading an Instagram Story with Music:

• Use Downloading website.

• Before publishing, save the draught of your Instagram Story to your device.

• By selecting “More,” you can save your Instagram Story with the original audio still playing.

How do you save music videos on Instagram with music?

You can either save the draught before uploading it. Or use best website to save your Instagram Story with Music. Just use Built-in screen recorder instead to rapidly record Instagram Stories.

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