Everything You Need To Know About PDF Conversion, PDFBear, and PDFBear PRO

PDF Conversion

Depending on the current trend and demands, people innovate alternatives out of the original foundation. Provided that PDFs are one of the world’s most in-demand electronic file formats, many have implemented technological advancements to cope with the general population’s needs. Especially that we are now living in the digital age, most people use PDFs. 

If you Google for any online PDF converter tool, you will find too many options. But if you are searching for quality and efficiency, you will never be disappointed with PDFBear. We will uncover why we need to convert our files to PDFs and vice-versa, learn more about PDFBear, and what it is in it for you in upgrading your subscription to PDFBear PRO. 

What is PDFBear? 

So what is PDFBear? We did mention PDF converters, but is it all that PDFBear can offer? If you seek the perfect online instrument to convert Word to PDF, you found yourself the right choice. Also, PDFBear allows you to convert your PDF the other way around! Considering that you need major changes with your document, you can change it back to MS Word format.  

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PDFBear offers vast options for your PDF files. Rest your worries about quality, speed, and efficiency, as PDFBear collaborates with the well-known Solid Documents. For reducing PDF file sizes, you can utilize their proficient PDF compressor. You can also manage your PDFs well using their PDF split and PDF merge. 

For light edits, PDFBear also offers the basics. You can add texts, drawings, watermarks, page numbers, and e-signatures to your PDFs. They also have a PDF reader to skim and scan PDFs and an excellent repair tool to recover your corrupted or damaged PDFs. If you also need to add extra arms for tighter file security, you can also encrypt them with PDFBear! 

Quality PDF Converter

For your information, people usually change or save their usual electronic files to PDF for various reasons. But two of the most critical reasons lead to file consistency and size compactness. Why? Because with your typical MS documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, numerous formatting issues may occur when different versions are used. 

For instance, your colleague sends you an MS Word document from version 2019 while you are using 2013. The chances are high that many font styles, spacings, and indentations might be affected due to incompatible formatting. Your MS Word might not support the file your colleague sent. Although this is an exaggerated example, these complications commonly occur. 

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Luckily, we now have PDFBear to convert your files to PDF in less than a minute. As long as you have your PDF and internet connection ready, you can start right away! Provided that they work together with Solid Documents, your PDF conversions are sure of top quality. YOu can follow these easy steps to convert your file to PDF and vice-versa. 

  • Click on your preferred conversion from the PDFBear home page. 
  • Drag and drop your electronic file to the PDFBear dropbox to upload. 
  • PDFBear will automatically convert your file to your desired format and be ready for download in just seconds! 
  • Downloading your file is most recommended, but you can also copy-paste its URL should you need to send it online faster. 

Upgrading Your Subscription to PDFBear PRO

Although you can perform all these PDF tasks for free, there are certain limitations when you do not upgrade to PRO. If you are only doing basic tasks, you can take advantage of their free tools. However, if you handle tons of PDFs frequently, we suggest you upgrade your subscription to PRO. 

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PDFBear offers a reasonable annual price for their customers. You can also pay on a monthly basis depending on the frequency of your needs. PDFBear operates all its PDF conversions and other tasks on the cloud, so you need not worry about storage or space. With an upgraded subscription, you will have unlimited access and storage for all PDF tasks! 

Full Access to PDF Conversion and Editing

Since you are looking for the perfect PDF converter, PDFBear PRO is your best pick. With this upgrade, you will be able to convert any of your PDFs to their most accessible format. You can transform them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and PDF/A anytime and anywhere! For the free users, you will have minimal access to editing once converted. 

With PDFBear PRO, you will have full access to editing your file’s content as if you were typing a composition from scratch! The same goes for your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. PDF editing has never been this easy! 


For skeptical and particular users out there, PDFBear also offers a free trial for starters. You should understand and learn more about this online tool before upgrading. Try out their 14-day free trial to see for yourself! 

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