Is There A Recording Option Available On Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp is one of the famous apps that is used by billions of people around the world, which is also the good one for various businesses. Communication is simpler, fast, and more secure for the users, which is why it remains the leading app. Don’t you know how to record whatsapp call? Then you have to follow this context to understand the techniques. The app will not get any problems which is also a hassle-free situation to run the business and communicate with their groups easily. A crucial thing that people should note is that WhatsApp does not have a record option for privacy and security reasons.

How to record WhatsApp calls without the app?

The whatsapp call recording option is not available, but still, people will have the chance to record voice calls with the help of the inbuilt app that is present. The call recorder app, which is the inbuilt one in the iPhone, will be useful for people to record them. Thus, when you are going to call or receive a call, simply open the built-in recorder app and tap the centre big button. This will start to record your voice completely about the storage space that is present in the mobile. This simple procedure provides a safe and useful feature for using voice calls for a long time. The first step is to go to the setting page and tap the control center. Now they have to tap the more controls option that is present. Now the people should have to select the screen recording option that is present, which has the symbol of the plus icon. This is enough, and you can simply swipe down and start the recording option before you proceed to the whatsapp call.

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How to record WhatsApp calls on Android

The Android OS users are high when compared with the IOS, but still, WhatsApp for Android is not providing any options to record the call. This is now possible with the help of a separate app like you install on the iphone. The app that you are going to install can be any of the third-party applications that are present in the play store. Therefore when you want to simply make the call, you have to open the call recorder app and start it, and then you can simply call the number through WhatsApp. Thus the recording of voice and video calls is possible using these third-party applications. The main thing is that WhatsApp call recording is also possible with the help of the in-built application that is present here. This voice recorder application is available to all smartphone users on mobile and will be useful for recording the call. They can simply open the Android mobile and then tap on the present voice recorder option. This will help them save the call without any issues, which will be useful for group discussions and even for many business accounts. Commonly used third-party WhatsApp call recorders are cube calls, app calls, and others. These apps are in the app store, which is the easiest for the user to simply install and start recording the audio and video calls. This will give good relief from the stress of how to record whatsapp call and feel more beneficial.

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How to record whatsapp call: Connect with the other device to record the call

It is always good to connect the iphone to the mac computer to enjoy recording a WhatsApp call when you do not know how to record whatsapp call. The first step for this is they have to download the QuickTime application in mac OS on a laptop or computer. Now they have to connect the computer to the iphone. After this, the users can access the present file option, and then they can surf for the New Screen Recording option. Then they have to click on it, that is it, and the call will be started to record while you are getting the whatsapp call.

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Whatsapp is the primary messenger application for smartphone users even though this app is not the inbuilt one in most android and ios mobiles. This provides great end-to-end security to WhatsApp calls. This is why they are not providing the call recording option. Therefore when you want to record, you can either use the whatsapp archives that are present, or you can simply install the voice recorder third-party apps.

FAQ about How to record whatsapp call

How to Record WhatsApp Calls for Free?

The whatsapp call recording will be free and simple when you are using either the built-in voice recorder that is present or the separate third-party apps for call recording in whatsapp.

Which app is good for recording WhatsApp calls?

There are many apps in the Google play store for android users and even for iphone users. The popular apps people will use are the cube call recorder, app call recorder, video call screen recorder, and many others.

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