How to Check SBI FASTag Balance Through SMS

sbi fastag balance check

SBI FASTag is an innovative technology introduced by the bank to facilitate customers in checking their balance and transaction history even when they are not at the branch. The SBI FASTag allows customers to do this through a text message. You only need a mobile number registered with SBI and your account number. Once you have registered your mobile number with SBI, text the code SJCAM to 53000 to check your account balance and transaction history.

How to check SBI FASTag balance through SMS 

If you have an SBI FASTag and need to check your balance, you can do so by texting “BALANCE” to 23456. The balance may not be current, reflecting the last time your card was used. You can also check your balance by logging into the website and accessing your account. You can do this by logging in to your online banking account and going to the “FASTag” tab.

How much balance do I have in my FASTag account?

In order to check the SBI FASTag balance through SMS, one needs to send an SMS with the following command:

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SBI FASTag Balance <account number>

For example, if one wants to check the balance of account number 1008, one would send the following SMS:

SBI FASTag Balance 1008

Pros and Cons of the SMS check method 


  • Cheap and convenient.
  • No need to visit a bank or visit the website.
  • Can be done at anytime, anywhere.
  • No need to carry any physical cards.


  • It can take some time to receive the SMS message.
  • Some services may not work if you don’t have a data connection.

What is SBI FASTag, and how to check your balance through SMS? 

SBI Fastag is a prepaid mobile recharge service which offers customers the convenience of checking their balance and topping up their account through SMS. You can register for SBI FASTag by visiting or by calling 136. To check your balance, send an SMS to 149 with the following information:

  • Your SBI FASTag number (12-digit number)
  • Your account number (4 or 5-digit number)
  • The amount you wish to recharge

Your balance will be updated immediately, and you can use this method to top up your account at any time.

How to send an SMS with your SBI FASTag number to check your balance 

  • If you have an SBI FASTag, you can easily check your balance through SMS. Here’s how:
  • Open the SBI Messenger app on your phone. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play store.
  • Tap on the Menu button and select Settings.
  • Under “Bank Services,” tap on FASTag Check Balance.
  • Enter your SBI FASTag number and tap OK.
  • Your balance will be displayed next to “Status.
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How to receive a response from the bank after sending the SMS

As a bank customer, you can check your SBI FASTag balance through SMS. Here’s how to do it:

  • To find out your current SBI FASTag balance, text “SBI FASTag” to 2292. You’ll receive a response with your balance in seconds.
  • If you need to top up your SBI FASTag, text the amount you want to add to your account and the word “TOPUP” in it. You’ll get a confirmation message confirming that the money has been added to your account.
  • To determine how much money you have left on your SBI FASTag, text “SBI FASTag” to 2292. You’ll receive a response with your balance in seconds.
  • Check our SBI FASTag FAQ to learn more about the service.

Issues/complications while checking SBI FASTag balance through SMS?

SBI FASTag is a mobile app-based service for redeeming bus, train and metro tickets. It allows users to check their balance, top up their funds and receive alerts on their account status. However, there have been reports of some users experiencing difficulties while attempting to check their balance through SMS. Some have encountered Error Message -8273 when sending an SMS query to the SBI FASTag helpline. 

This error message typically occurs when the phone number associated with the user’s SBI FASTag account has been blocked or suspended by the network operator. In such cases, it may be necessary to contact the network operator to unblock or reinstate the number. Other users have reported that they could not connect to the SBI FASTag website or app when trying to purchase SMS. In these cases, try connecting directly through the website or app before attempting to purchase via SMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is SBI FASTag?

SBI FASTag is a loyalty program offered by the State Bank of India. It allows customers to earn rewards for making purchases at participating merchants. The rewards for products and services can be redeemed from the merchant’s online and physical stores. In order to use SBI FASTag, customers must first register for the program and create an account. They can add eligible cards to their account and earn rewards from there.

To check their SBI FASTag balance, customers can send an SMS message to 8888 using the following format: SSB <Account Number> <PIN> where SSB is the unique identifier assigned to each customer’s account, <Account Number> is the nine-digit number assigned to the card used for shopping at participating merchants, and <PIN> is the four-digit PIN code associated with that customer’s account.

How to check the SBI FASTag balance through SMS? 

If you have an SBI FASTag, you can check your balance and history by texting “FASTAG” to 52111. You will receive a reply with your balance and recent transactions. You can also check your balance and history by visiting or calling the SBI FASTag helpline on 156007-888. Customers are advised to ensure that they have received a reply from SMS within 24 hours of sending the message.

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