GogoPDF: Lock And Unlock Your PDF File Using These Simple Steps

Lock And Unlock PDF

PDF has been considered as one of the most used file formats nowadays. At work or school, people use PDF. Since several people are using PDF, this has paved the way for creating several web-based tools. Among the many tools you can find online, only a few of them guarantee you a reliable result.

One of these tools is the GogoPDF. It can unlock, lock, and split PDF files using the most straightforward steps. It has created a technology that can transform your file in just a minute or less. Here are the steps on how to lock, unlock, and split PDF files when using the online tool:

How To Decrypt A PDF File

Some people may forget their passwords on their webmail and social media accounts. This is a result of having multiple passwords. Similarly, if you have files that are encrypted with different passwords, you may sometimes forget them once you are not opening them often.

Once you forget your password, there is no turning back. If you keep on typing the wrong password, you are just close to nothing. You may wallow in despair and cry at the back of your mind, or you can try to use GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF file tool. With this tool, you can easily decrypt your password-protected PDF file.

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To start decrypting your PDF file, you must select a password-protected PDF file and place it in their system. After that, GogoPDF will begin decrypting your file. The next step is to wait until the entire process is done. Most of the time, this process takes a minute or less, depending on your internet’s strength.

Once done, you can start downloading your newly decrypted PDF file. Using this website, you do not need to enter complicated steps such as typing your email address to gain access to your file. You just need to place your password-protected PDF file in their system and let the tool do the rest of the job.

Unlocking your PDF file has never been this easy. This cloud-based software is also compatible with different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even the classic Internet Explorer. It can also function in multiple Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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How To Encrypt A Password To Your PDF File

Suppose you have experienced unauthorized access to your webmail or social media accounts. In that case, you surely have a panic attack since most social media and webmail accounts contain essential information regarding you. Similarly, if other people open your PDF file that has confidential information, you will surely not want that.

The best way to protect your confidential file is to encrypt a password to it. Encrypting a password might not sound simple. You will undergo a lot of verification and complicated steps in doing it. Luckily, GogoPDF offers the fastest and most reliable way of encrypting a password to your confidential PDF files.

The first step is to choose a PDF file on your device that you wish to encrypt a password and place it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, input your desired password. In attaching a password to your PDF file, you must be careful. You have guidelines to follow for you to have the best possible result.

You need to consider writing your password using alpha-numeric text. It must have a mixture of the upper and lower case along with a symbol. After that, the tool will start encrypting your PDF file with your desired password. After that, wait until the entire process is done. It may take a minute to finish encrypting a password.

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Once done, you can start downloading your newly password-encrypted PDF file. GogoPDF has indeed shown the best and easiest method of encrypting a password to your PDF file. GogoPDF made it comfortable for you!

Privacy And Security

Some decrypted and encrypted files contain several confidential information. If you are worried about your file’s contents, then don’t be. The website automatically deletes your file an hour after finishing your transaction with them. With this, hackers cannot penetrate or use your personal information to scam other people!

In A Nutshell

Locking and Unlocking your PDF file is indeed easily made possible by this website. You do not need to experience a tedious and complicated process in doing so. GogoPDF’s features don’t end with encrypting and decrypting PDF files. They also offer other features that can be seen on their website. You may also avail of their free trial for a limited only!

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