Easy File Conversion With GogoPDF: Useful Features You Can Expect

File Conversion

We all know for a fact that there are tons and tons of online PDF converters we can find on the internet. But how do we know if they offer the best security, features, and tools? Well, the answer might be a shock to you, but you don’t have any way of knowing until you try it first, right? Luckily for you, we know of a certain PDF converter that offers the best features.

What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF checks off everything in your list of prerequisites before trying out an online PDF converter, from security, features, and even the tools. The platform offers a wide variety of tools you can freely choose from, including PDF split, lock & unlock, protect, merge, compress, and many more. Also, it has been simplified for both new and old users to easily use the platform without having to go through too much trouble.

Every file format you may need to convert to and from. So, if you are looking for the best, easiest, fastest, and simplest way of converting Word to PDF, HTML to PDF, PNG to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, or vice versa, GogoPDF is the solution to all your problems. There’s no need for you to look for anything else since this platform will cater to all your PDF-related needs.

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If you read further on our article, you will see the amazing and handy features it offers, including the platform’s four-step conversion process, File Safety, Customer Service Representatives, and GogoPDF Pro Version account.

Convert Your Files in 4 Easy Steps

With GogoPDF, you are guaranteed the easiest and simplest way of converting your files as it only requires you to do four simple and easy-to-understand steps. Just as we have mentioned above, the platform has been simplified, making your lives much easier. These four steps will only consume a maximum of two minutes of your time. Yes, you read that right, only two minutes, and your files are converted into high-quality files.

First Step

The first step is to upload your files, which can be done in two ways: click on the “Select Files” button or by dragging-and-dropping your files into the converter box.

Second Step

GogoPDF will start scanning your files and will automatically start the conversion.

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Third Step

During this step, all you have to do is patiently wait until the process of conversion is complete, and each conversion will only be a few seconds depending on how many or how big the file size is.

Fourth Step

The final step in GogoPDF’s conversion process is to download and save your freshly converted files into your file storage devices or by saving them in cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

File Security

Whenever you upload your files in GogoPDF for conversion purposes, you are guaranteed all the files are safe and secured. They assure this by installing a Secured Socket Layer or SSL encryption that encrypts your files whenever transmitted along with the internet. Also, as per the platform’s privacy policy, they are forbidden in storing or keeping any information you have input, including your passcodes, security codes, credit card information, or even your files.

Excellent Customer Service

GogoPDF is one of the several online PDF platforms you will find on the internet that offers a highly responsive customer service team. If you ever experience any difficulties or mishaps in the platform, they are more than happy to offer you a helping hand. They would even go to the extreme of helping you convert your files or whatever you wish to do in their platform.

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They are dedicated people that wish to improve the quality of their services to give you a better and more reliable platform for all your PDF-related needs. With this in mind, even if you are a less tech-savvy person, all you have to do is hit them up, and they will help you.

Is GogoPDF PRO for You?

This platform is indeed a free service. However, it doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t offer any way of giving patrons a much better and more superior platform, right? With a Pro version, you will be entitled to unlimited storage, customer service priority, and finally, get rid of those annoying pop-up ads and unskippable videos. After all, that’s what we want in life, right? Opting for a paid subscription will give you a much faster and easier time on the platform.


Choosing to convert with GogoPDF is comparable to having the best thing you need for your daily tasks. It helps you finish quicker, enables you to convert your files to any file format, and even guides you whenever you experience some hiccups along the way.

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