SABC1 – Generations: The Legacy Teasers – January 2020 (#Generations)

Generations The Legacy

Coming up on Generations: The Legacy Teasers this January 2020 :

Wednesday 1 January 2020
Episode 28 (1328)

The public prosecutor isn’t happy about his early morning visitors… Sometimes the taste of victory can be bitter instead of sweet. The new year starts off on a horrible note for Cosmo.

Thursday 2 January 2020
Episode 29 (1329)

Mrekza is shocked when he gets blamed for what happened. Mpho loses heart after getting the low-down on his crush. Joshua gets a taste of his own medicine.

Friday 3 January 2020
Episode 30 (1330)

The commune residents wake up to a shock. Nontle doesn’t know her words are falling on deaf ears. Jack is annoyed to have Pele on his case again.

Monday 6 January 2020
Episode 31 (1331)

Lesedi receives devastating news. The spark between two friends is clearly still there. Mavusana isn’t done making life hard for Cosmo.

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Episode 32 (1332) 

Gog’Flo isn’t about to let an angry mob get the better of her. To kiss or not to kiss, that is the question. Luke is floored when a policeman asks him to kill someone…

Wednesday 8 January 2020
Episode 33 (1333) 

Mrekza intervenes when things get heated between new-found enemies. Crazy J is in trouble again with his baby mamma. Jack finds out something Pele desperately wanted to hide.

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Thursday 9 January 2020
Episode 34 (1334) 

Lesedi wakes up to a pleasant surprise. Zitha’s disappointed about finding a queue at the pizza place… until she sees who’s waiting in line… Not everyone is happy about Cosmo’s big news.

Friday 10 January 2020
Episode 35 (1335) 

Palesa’s defensive attitude only heightens the intrigue. Lesedi’s sudden decision leaves Crazy J floored. Ayanda is shaken to hear the reason her friend dropped by.

Monday 13 January 2020
Episode 36 (1336) 

Pele is shocked when his girlfriend lets rip at him. The more Bricks reveals, the more angry Mavusana gets. Tau is shocked to hear how Gadaffi wants to solve his problem.

Tuesday 14 January 2020
Episode 37 (1337) 

A tense exchange at the gym looks set to get out of hand… Cosmo unthinkingly says the wrong thing on live radio. Jack may have found himself an unsuspecting fall guy.

Wednesday 15 January 2020
Episode 38 (1338) 

The ‘Take Back Our Streets’ campaign gets the wrong people’s attention. Zitha isn’t happy to hear what was happening right under her nose. Palesa gets her back up with her new housemate.

Thursday 16 January 2020
Episode 39 (1339) 

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An unexpected phone call makes Gog’Flo’s blood run cold. The Morokas aren’t happy about what their wayward son is getting up to. Turns out Pele has an ace up his sleeve…

Friday 17 January 2020
Episode 40 (1340) 

Lucy won’t allow her brother’s attack to go unpunished. Mazwi pulls rank to get what he wants. Lesedi is starting to get on people’s nerves.

Monday 20 January 2020
Episode 41 (1341) 

Things just can’t seem to go smoothly for Crazy J. Luke’s visit leaves Mrekza suspicious. The Captain has a plan to get rid of Jack’s nemesis.

Tuesday 21 January 2020
Episode 42 (1342) 

Gog’Flo hits on a crazy but wonderful idea. Mpho decides enough is enough, something has to be done! Pele has no idea about the threat on the other side of the door…

Wednesday 22 January 2020
Episode 43 (1343)

Lesedi finds out the hard way that the truth hurts. Mazwi is impressed when his employee shows initiative… if only he knew the reason. Lucy isn’t sure she wants Gadaffi as an enemy.

Thursday 23 January 2020
Episode 44 (1344)

Crazy J is in trouble at home and at work. Jack initiates a plan to get rid of his enemy. Palesa’s lover receives a chilling video which leaves him gutted.

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Friday 24 January 2020
Episode 45 (1345)

Alex’s drug dealers are baying for the blood. Nontle plants a bad idea in a friend’s head. Pele is pushed to the edge and snaps.

Monday 27 January 2020
Episode 46 (1346)

Lucy has a great idea for the anti-drug campaign. Mazwi is furious when a staffer gate-crashes his meeting. Gadaffi pays his prison friend another visit. Will he get what he wants this time?

Tuesday 28 January 2020
Episode 47 (1347)

Gog’Flo panics after what she finds in Cosmo’s room. An angry man buying an illegal gun can’t be a good sign. Getting what he needs won’t be as easy as Crazy J hoped.

Wednesday 29 January 2020
Episode 48 (1348)

Palesa is not the same person she was before. Lesedi puts her foot down with her baby daddy. Pele has more bad news heading his way…

Thursday 30 January 2020
Episode 49 (1349)

Mazwi’s had it with his insolent nephew. Gadaffi proves his innocence without even trying. Lucy gives the police a tip-off.

Friday 31 January 2020
Episode 50 (1350)

Just when all seems lost, Nontle arrives to save the day. Jack discovers a mysterious clue in one of his books… Cosmo is nervous about meeting with his ex boss.

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