Everything That You Need To Know About the 2019 IPL Auction


Another IPL season is on rise and the 8 teams are all buckled up to buy the best players out there to enrich their squad. The Indian Premier League auctions, 2019 has just started and already some clever moves are witnessed which are made by the participating teams. At the fiercely handles IPL auctions held in Jaipur, so far a whooping amount of 106.80 crores were spent in total.  Let’s see how good the 8 IPL franchises were in making their moves in the current season’s auction.

A number of 351 players were in wait to get ‘sold’ for this auctions. But there were only 70 seats reserved for the players in all the participating teams in total making it a tough game. The Chennai Super Kings began their part in the auctions with a total amount of 8.4 crore of which 5.2 crore were spent so far to bag their players. The amount remaining with the team now is 3.2 crore. The team Delhi Capitals had a budget of 25.50 crore with them in total as they began their auctions and ended up spending 17.80 crores so far on players making the remaining balance 7.70 crores. Kings XI Punjab started to make their bidding with an amount of 36.20 crores and spent 32.50 crores out of it so far. The remaining balance with the team is 3.70 crores.

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Kolkata Knight Riders initially had an amount of 15.20 crores and ended up at 9.15 crore now after their biddings. Mumbai Indians had 11.15crores in their purse and had spent an amount of 7.60 crores so far from it for the players. Rajasthan Royals had 20.95 crores in total with them and had spent an amount of 13.80 crores so far on the players. Royal Challengers Bangalore had an auction amount of 18.15 crores and spent 16.35 crores so far on the players. Sunrisers Hyderabad began their part in the auction with an amount of 9.70 crores and has so far spent 4.40 crores out of it on the players.

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As always, even in this season too, the auction is gifting us a dramatic placement of players in the teams. Let’s hope for an interesting season of IPL on the coming year with a lot of surprise elements of sportsmanship.

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