The First Sea Ropeway connecting Mumbai to Elephanta Island


A famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Elephanta Caves in Mumbai is a collection of caves dedicated to the Hindu Deity, Lord Shiva. It is located 10 km from the city of Mumbai. To date, the only option to reach the caves was by taking a ferry ride from the Gateway of India to the caves which took almost an hour to cover 10 km of distance.

If one looks hard, another option to reach the caves will definitely surface, and keeping that in mind the Central Government has sanctioned a plan for the construction of an 8 km long ropeway connecting the city to the historical site. Once this mode of transportation is complete, it will just take 40 minutes to reach the site.

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Elephanta caves Mumbai

The project is expected to be completed by 2022, four years from now. It is to be built over the Arabian Sea, making it India’s first over-the-ocean ropeway. 30 cable cars are expected to run on the route.

The news of this has reached the people of the nation through social media and people have reacted to this news overwhelmingly. They have left happy comments on the post calling it an impressive project.

The cable cars can hold up to 20 persons at a time and it is sure to present people with a breathtaking view from up there. Also, this will encourage photography enthusiasts as they can get an overview of the entire Arabian Sea. The transit sections are to contain hanging restaurants and an entertainment area.

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The project cost has not been exposed by the Mumbai Port Trust which has taken up this massive project. The Deputy Chief Engineer, P. K Sinha, has confirmed that there will be several stops on the route to the caves.

Mumbai is already a favorite of the tourists, both national and international, and on completion of this project, it is sure to attract many more tourists as it is one of the first one of its type that the people are to experience. A ride to the Elephanta Caves is surely going to be a breathtaking experience, as soon as the ropeway is built.

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