Travel Back To the Prehistoric Times at the Balasinor


Ever since humans discovered dinosaurs, there has been an incredible fascination with this long-lost species of creatures. Roaming the earth alongside the earliest humans, dinosaurs have been immortalized as friends and foes in countless movies. But, there is another way to witness the majesty of these creatures – by viewing their fossils.

Fossils – Relics of an Age Gone By

Formerly a princely state of the Babi dynasty, balasinor Gujarat was created from the state of Junagadh in 1758. However, the history of the place goes much further. In the 1980s, paleontologists stumbled upon some fossilized remains of dinosaurs in the region. Since then preserved remains of over 13 species have been identified. One particular creature had never been identified before and was named Rajasaurus narmadensis.

Today, scholars believe that this region of balasinor may have been one of the most active and populated dinosaurs’ regions in the subcontinent, being occupied by various species for at least 100 million years! The area is also noted as a potential hatchery. Dinosaurs used to lay eggs to produce young ones. Researchers believe that the fertile and soft soil of this region may have encouraged dinosaurs to have their eggs here.

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Balasinor: Visit the Past

Balasinor is today considered one of the largest reserves of dinosaur remains in the world. It includes dinosaur eggs, bones, and other fossilized remains. Many of these are displayed at the Balasinor Disonaur Fossil Park.

One of the best things about this park is that the fossils are ‘in situ’, which means that they are still in the place they were discovered. This means that not only can you enjoy these fossils, but also appreciate the incredible way in which everything has changed over millions of years in the same patch of land. The place is full of information and sights and may prefer taking along a guide to help explain the finer details of these finds. Children, in particular, may find the park very interesting, and it can be a great way to inculcate in them respect for the planet and its many inhabitants. Audio-visual presentations are also available at the museum to help bring to life the stories and history of these majestic creatures of the past.

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While you enjoy the old remains, do not forget to take in nature too. Few places can boast of such wild and lush greenery and as is witnessed in balasinor’s Jurassic Park. It really makes you feel like you have been transported to some other time.

balasinor dinosaur fossil park

Balasinor: The Dinosaur Princess and Her Adobe

One very famous guide of balasinor is Princess Aaliya, the daughter of the current Nawab of Balasinor.  She is known to play an active role in the preservation of balasinor’s heritage and takes regular tours with visitors to help them explore the place. The royal family also opens its doors to visitors through the Garden Palace of Balasinor. Where they provide luxurious stays amid their private estate full of lush greenery.

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The converted homestay still has a royal touch in the decor. The furniture and all the rooms are differently sized and have their own unique character. The homestay is also noted for its amazing cuisine.

A Place worth a Visit: Balasinor

To those who are tired of the modern world’s hassles, and for those who are interested even a little in the past, Balasinor is an absolute must-visit. The place combines the old world charm of lush greenery and luxurious living, and there is always the amazing dinosaur park to enchant you. Indeed, in Balasinor you can forget about the modern world and dive back into the past.

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