8 Questions To Consider Before Booking A Hotel

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Nowadays, everyone is very well aware of technology and they are also using it to the fullest. We cannot imagine our life without technology, gadgets, etc. They had become an integral part of our lives. The most important thing now is to understand how to make the right use of these things. Almost every one of us loves traveling, clicking selfies, and then posting it on our social media platforms. This is how we are now celebrating our lives in a better way. We can have all this fun only if we have chosen the right hotel to stay in. 

There are so many online platforms or sites available that can be used to pick the best hotel for your stay. All the important details relating to the hotel stay, room, play area, etc is available online. We can make a thorough research before choosing a hotel. We all are aware of the current scenario in which we are still suffering from the global pandemic. But facing this problem doesn’t mean we will stop enjoying our lives. The thing is we have to start taking full precautions in order to stay safe. Even the hotels nowadays are making efforts to make proper arrangements for the safety of travelers.

Every kind of hotel stays is available that includes luxurious stays, premium rooms, budget stays, and so on. There are so many things or questions that you need to ask before you finalize your decision of choosing a hotel. Some of the questions are discussed as follows: 

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Inclusion of taxes: Sometimes when we book our hotel room we come to know that there are so many additional costs attached to it. That is why it is important to ask about the taxes or the other fees that will be charged at the hotel. You can ask them the rate of tax that they will charge. Only after asking this, you can move further. There are some hotels who are having additional costs but they did not enclose it to the travelers rather they add it to the bill. To avoid sudden shocks you can ask this in advance.  

Any extra service they will offer: The next thing to inquire before booking your hotel is the extra service that they are going to offer. Many hotels are offering the facility of laundry service, complimentary welcome drinks, etc. So, it is important to ask this otherwise you will not be given anything. Luggage picks up and drop is also one of them. Some hotels who are couple friendly also make some special decoration arrangements for newlyweds or decorate rooms as per the occasion.  

Facility of Wi-Fi: The internet has become an integral part of our lives. We cannot stay away from it anymore. But sometimes when we travel we may face network issues that didn’t allow us to use our internet. In this case, a local Wi-Fi facility will be helpful. You can ask about the Wi-Fi facility before making your hotel booking. Everyone gets excited with the thought of a free Wi-Fi facility. 

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Availability of parking space: Many hotels are having their personal parking facility whereas some hotels don’t offer this. It will not convenient for you to find a safe parking space in the new city. Having a parking facility away from your hotel room will make things difficult. As your mind will stuck at the safety of your vehicle if you park it far away from your hotel. So, don’t forget to ask about the parking facility in the hotel. The free and personal parking facility will always attract more and more travelers.

Any discounts or offers available: It is important to ask for a discount or offer available while booking a hotel room. If any offer is available then the receptionist may let you know. Some hotels offer discounts on bulk booking or on continuous night stays, etc. You can also ask them for the facility to book online like many online sites give the best prices or deals on hotel rooms. The receptionist is not allowed to give those low price deals that you can get on online booking sites and that are why it is better to ask the hotel about it. 

Flexibility of check-in or out: There are some hotels that are having a very strict policy regarding check-ins. That is why you need to ask a question regarding the flexibility for the same so that you don’t have to shuffle your plan. You may drive the car faster or you may have to wait for longer to check-in. To remove this hurdle it is better to ask this in advance. Hotels having flexible timings for check-in or check out attract more customers as compared to the ones who are strict to this. 

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Facility of pick up or drop: There are some travelers who may travel by car and some may by train or by air. There is a huge trend among many luxurious hotels to offer the facility for pick up of their customers. Not only pickup they also offer the facility to drop. So, you can ask a question regarding this if you are not traveling by public transport including bus, train, or by air. 

Facility of tourist guide: Whenever we travel to a new place we are not aware of local attractions, transport, famous markets, etc. In this case, it is good to hire a tourist guide that can help you with the same. Not only this but in many hotels, a desk or office of tourist guide is available separately. This helps the travelers to book taxis or buses for their local travel. They can get information about the local city, history, sightseeing, etc from them.

So, these are the questions that are important to ask by a traveler before they finally book a hotel. If you want to have luxurious stays then you can go to resorts, Hyatt Regency Mumbai, etc to enjoy the best of the best stays. 

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