7 European Cities You Won’t Want To Miss In 2022

European Cities

Are you looking to get away this year? Can’t decide where to go? Whether it’s Paris, Rome, or Vienna, there are plenty of gorgeous cities in Europe with exciting opportunities, must-see landmarks, and beautiful scenery. Treat yourself to a break or an unforgettable experience this year.

Whether it’s history, art, or nightlife you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to break down some of 2022’s best options.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of Europe’s loveliest destinations and is a clean, friendly, picturesque destination. A relatively small city, Austria’s capital is a cozy and compact place, with lots to see and do. Travel only a small amount of time outside the city to find yourself surrounded by picturesque scenery, hiking spots, beautiful lakes, and gorgeous hills. Alternatively, if you’re a film lover, check out the city’s iconic ‘Third Man’ museum, packed with fascinating insights into the making of Vienna’s most famous cinematic export.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Iceland is perhaps best known for its incredible landscapes and magnificent slices of nature. If you’re seeking some natural splendor, look no further than the beauty of Mount Esja, the geothermal wonder of Krýsuvík, or the wonderful Viðey Island near the country’s capital.

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Alternatively, check out the fascinating works of local painting legend Jóhannes S. Kjarval at the Heads from Clouds exhibition, or explore the history of the city at an event tracking the city’s growth from rural farmland to a thriving city. As it’s an expensive destination, make the most significant saving possible with Business Day’s essential tips for online ticket bookings.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s Helsinki is a beautiful city filled with events and opportunities. Whether you’re visiting the Helsinki City Museum, located in the city’s oldest block, and examining the history of the city and its people, or the fabulous and fascinating Helsinki Art Museum, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. You won’t want to miss the gorgeous seaside, natural wonder, and myriad of events going on in 2022.

Whether it’s art, sports, or people you’re interested in, Helsinki has you covered. The beautiful Helsinki Archipelago boasts over 300 islands, while the capital is filled with vibrant green urban spaces. Considered one of Europe’s most livable cities, it’s easy to walk, bike, or relax throughout this wonderful city and take in all it has to offer.

Prague, Czech Republic

A city famous for its history and architecture, Prague is a gorgeous, quaint, and thriving European city. Enjoy some of Europe’s most acclaimed beer, the most astounding architectural feats, and incredible musical experiences. Alternatively, take a trip down the beautiful Vltava River, featuring over thirty bridges and footbridges, or visit one of the city’s many friendly and delicious cafés. Don’t just take our word for it; visit the official tourist website Prague.eu to discover its many events and opportunities.

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Budapest, Hungary

Another beautiful and historic European city, Budapest, is an excellent option for those seeking idyllic views, remarkable architecture, and incredible natural wonders. Enjoy the waters with kayak and boat tours, explore the city with Segways, or simply take it all in on foot. However, if you like to enjoy your destinations, Budapest has you covered.

Dublin, Ireland

Next, we have the beautiful and varied Irish capital. With a thriving nightlife, a social atmosphere, and various things to see and do, Dublin is a great choice to visit in 2022. Check out the famous Guinness Storehouse, the beautiful Dublin Bay, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and more. Whether you’re traveling with family, or friends, or flying solo, you’ll find plenty to hold your interest.

Dublin features many fun and engaging opportunities and events to check out. Whether it’s hiking, nightlife, or sports you’re into, there’s something for you. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest sports entertainment, from football and rugby to tennis. Up the excitement by placing bets on the outcome of matches and predicting scores and player performances. If you can’t make it to Dublin’s famous Sporting Emporium casino, try Sports Betting Online instead. With the best betting bonuses, various payment options, and more, it’s the ideal choice for your sports betting needs. Don’t miss out on potential wins, and make the most of your travel time. Dublin is the best place to enjoy exciting sports action and make high-stakes bets on the results.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capital is an ideal getaway destination. Often considered one of Europe’s nicest and most sought-after locations, Copenhagen is an excellent choice for a trip this year. With plenty of historic and impressive art, architecture, and more to enjoy, there’s a great deal to see and even more to enjoy in Copenhagen. Check out the city’s outstanding dining opportunities, the gorgeous countryside just outside the city, and more.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas for visiting European cities in 2022. Wherever you decide to go, make the most of it and enjoy it!

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