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A new season of the Premier League has started and its first rounds have already shown that the campaign will be extremely difficult for Southampton. You can follow soccer scores of this club on the sports statistics website. Only relevant information is presented here, which is constantly updated.

As for Southampton, the loss of a number of leaders in the summer played a cruel joke on the team. The following players left the club:

  • Ings;
  • Bertrand;
  • Westergor.

These are some of the most noticeable losses. Each of these players has been with the club for a long time and was a significant figure in it. Therefore, at the start of the campaign, the Saints, although they demonstrated nice football, lost several matches.

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You can follow the scores of their soccer matches on the sports statistics website. This is very convenient, because the data on the course of confrontations is updated in real time.

To improve the team’s performance, its management entered the transfer market. So, one of the latest signings of the club is Lianko Voinovich. The defender, who holds both Brazilian and Serbian citizenship, has signed a 4-year contract with the team.

Voinovich previously played in Torino, where he proved himself from the best side. Now he needs to demonstrate his skills in the Premier League. There are completely different speeds and workloads here. It will be interesting to see how the defender will be able to adapt to them.

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All Premier League scores are now presented on one site

Due to the unsuccessful start of the campaign, the goals of the club for the season had to be adjusted. The latest Premier League scores allow us to conclude that now the main task of the team is to secure a place in the elite division. It seems quite realistic. There are several factors in favour of the club:

  1. Cooler lineup than many direct competitors have. According to the selection of performers, Southampton is quite capable of taking a place in the middle of the standings. However, nothing has been lost yet, so the implementation of such a task looks quite realistic.
  2. Experience of the top stars. They know perfectly well how to distribute forces over a long tournament distance and when to do more. All this allows them to achieve the desired result.
  3. Qualification of the coach. He has been working with the team for several years. During this period, the club showed a consistently high level of performance.
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You will find out how the latest transfers will affect the club’s scores Premier League on the sports statistics website. It presents only the latest information, thanks to which you will become a real expert in one of the most popular national championships on the planet.

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