Action against 4 Air India Employees for ‘Stealing’ Unserved Food from Planes

Action against 4 Air India Employees for ‘Stealing’ Unserved Food from Planes

Disciplinary actions have been initiated by Air India against their four employees who were alleged for stealing the unserved food along with the dry ration from the national carrier, as was mentioned by the officials.

Previously, the managing director and the chairman of Air India Ashwani Lohani had issued an international communication in the year 2017. It stated that the ground staffs along with the officers many times take the unserved food for their personal consumption whenever the aircraft arrived. The circular also read that implementing such practices can lead to serious punishment including suspension from duty.

Officials have confirmed that post the circular, the airline has become really strict to take actions against anyone who indulge in such behavior.  They have suspended about two employees from the catering department along with two members of the cabin crew who were found to be stealing the ration as well as the food from the aircraft. An assistant manager along with a senior assistant was also suspended as they were found guilty of such practices. Another incident of such deed occurred when two cabin crews were found to be involved in such actions and as a result, they were punished by shifting their duties from international Delhi – Sydney flight to only domestic flights.

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Action against 4 Air India Employees for ‘Stealing’ Unserved Food from Planes Mid

When inquired how many inspections were carried out post the incidents, the officials did not respond with any specific answers. They replied that the catering division is responsible for carrying out the hygiene and spot checks and the officials also go on a hunt at the caterer’s premises so that they can ensure that the borders are served with good quality food which is both hygienic as well as healthy.

The high number of such incidents had become a big concern for the airlines in the past years and hence they took international communication quite seriously. Even though the officials are not ready to tell about the inquiries which are conducted in order to reduce such incidents but they are surely working towards reducing it.

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