6 Step-Guide For First-Time Tourists In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

If you are going to plan your next vacation and you want to visit somewhere in the US, you may like the idea of visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. This little neon-lightened city is actually a unique place in the entire world for its renamed luxury hotels and restaurants. But of course, one of the greatest reasons to visit Las Vegas is because of its concertos, shows, and casinos.

Get Prepared To Enjoy Your Vacation Like A Pro Tourist!

If it’s your first time in Las Vegas, you’d better prepare yourself with a quick and easy visitor guide, so you know where and what to do once you are there. Also, learning some useful tips about how to visit the city helps you maximize your time and energy, avoiding useless expenses.

Being out in Las Vegas for your first time can actually expose you to a lot of annoying inconveniences, but if you know how to get around quickly and what to visit on each day you spend in the city, you’ll go like a pro tourist and this will allow you to enjoy your vacation in full.

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Learn game rules and train your skills

First of all, if you think you will visit a casino (obviously, you will do it… you are in Las Vegas!), you should be able to play games decently. So, learn the game rules and train your skills online, visit the website to make sure there isn’t a game strategy left to know for you. Use the free demo games and if you want to experience a true Vegas rush, just switch to the real money mode. You can also take part in live tournaments for card games like poker and blackjack, which is pretty much like playing in a real-world casino. Once you feel you are ready for a land-based casino adventure, just enter a Vegas casino and make the most from what you’ve been learning online.

Save money on casino drinks

Many people buy drinks in the casino, but this isn’t the best way to save your money for two reasons: first reason, because drinks are more expensive than elsewhere. The other reason is that all casinos offer drinks to their gamblers, so just wait for a waitress to approach you. This way you’ll save a lot of money that you can use for playing more games.

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The Strip is longer than it looks

Most people visiting Las Vegas for the first time have the impression that the Strip is longer than they used to think. It’s because all the buildings are close to one another, but the Strip is long 4 miles and if you want to visit it, make sure you stop at some point. You may catch the opportunity to have a break at one of the local restaurants on the Strip. Anyway, consider that hotels and casinos aren’t as close as they may look in photographs, which means that you should wear comfortable shoes for walking all the way. If you want to shorten your walking, you can use the walkways inside and outside the casinos, also trams and the monorail are great to get around more quickly than walking.

Get on a Big Bus

Once you arrive in the city, you should go exploring the area to know what you can have around like shops, seating areas, restaurants, and others. If you want to rest a little and learn about Las Vegas history, you should hop on a Big Bus and relax while listening to the narrated tour of the city. Big Bus runs on a track with over 20 stops between the Strip and downtown. We suggest you have a look at the stops of Big Bus, so you can plan your city-get-around tour.

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What to wear for tourists

Getting around in Las Vegas can be pretty hard, especially during the warmest season. The best way to enjoy the city is to carry a light backpack with water bottles, sunscreen, and some finger food that won’t spoil with hot temperatures. If you are going during the winter, carry a light jacket but don’t forget your sunscreen as the sun still shines brightly even in the winter season.

Don’t go to the restaurant between 6 and 8 pm

The peak dinner time in Las Vegas is between 6 and 8 pm. That’s when you won’t find a free table for anything in this world. We know that it might be a little annoying, but if you could go earlier or later the peak times, you certainly can find a table available. If you decide to go later, you may still enjoy an extra hour touring in the city.


We hope you are now ready to book your vacation in Las Vegas and to enjoy all the beauty of this American city.

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