Where can I get the PMI-ACP exam dates?

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The PMI-SP Project Scheduling Professional certification exam is exactly what you need to get validation for your great skills of management. This exam is a vendor-neutralised exam which is given wide recognition by the various industries.

 The PMI-SP exam is not a piece of cake, as many of us may think. It requires outstanding knowledge beyond the general and basics of the subject; it requires a higher degree of preparation and knowledge on the wide scope of the subject matter. Since the PMI SP exam is quite challenging and effort-full in nature, it demands the utmost assiduous and diligent preparation of the level of the expert. The time period for the examination is one hundred and eighty minutes. In order to have a flourishing career in the industry, one needs to pass the PMI-SP exam in the very first attempt putting a lot of perseverance.

 Exam Pattern of the PMI

 The PMI-SP credential examination consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Of the 170 questions, 20 are regarded as protest questions. The time allocated for the completion of the exam is three and a half hours. There are two ways in which the PMI exam can be administered. The standard method of the examination is computer-based testing; however, paper-based testing is also available under certain conditions and terms.

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 The following is about the percentage of questions in each domain that are included in the examination. It is to be noted that there are five domains.

 1. Schedule Strategy accounts for 14%

 2. Schedule Planning and Development account for 31%

 3. Schedule Monitoring and Controlling accounts for 35%

 4. Schedule Closeout accounts for 6%

 5. Stakeholder Communications Management accounts for 14%

 Where can you get the PMI-ACP exam dates?

 It is really interesting to note that the PMI exams can appear on any date of the year when the candidate is ready to appear.

 Firstly one has to submit his or her application to the PMI, then he or she has to wait for the approval of the application. After the approval of the application, one can schedule the PMI ACP exam on any day and on any time according to one’s very own convenience. But all these choices must be conveyed a couple of weeks beforehand the date the examination. Otherwise, there is also an option to take the available slot. To be very clear, there is actually no calendar of the schedule for the exam by the PMI. It is completely given the discretion of the interested candidate about when he or she wants to fix the date of examination.

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 For all PMI Exams, one can visit the  site. One can avail the local test centre according to the convenience into oneself in any country or city where one resides and can also check the availability of the seats on any dates to appear.

 Eligibility Criteria

In order to get the PMI ACP certification, one needs certain prerequisites such as the certain experience in the professional field as well as qualifications in the education field. All project management experience must have been accumulated by the candidates within the last five consecutive years prior to his or her date of submission of the application. Following are the eligibility criteria for appearing and getting the PMI-SP® credential:

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 PMI has the following pre-requisites for PMI-SP

 • A four-year degree (which may be either bachelor’s or the global equivalent), with at least 3,500 hours of project scheduling experience and 30 hours of project scheduling education. OR

 • A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) with at least 5,000 hours of project scheduling experience and 40 hours of project scheduling education.


 In order to succeed in the PMI exam, one needs to be very thorough with the concepts not only on the surface level but also at the level of the expert. Additionally, he or she has to have had extraordinary time management skills. It is mandatory to have lot many practise tests before attempting the real examination. Because only this can make the candidate familiar with the types of questions and boost their confidence while they appear the real exams, this PMI exam and its certification will, no doubt, bring out a wide spectrum of opportunities.

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