Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Term Insurance Plans

Term Insurance Plans


Life is beautiful, and no one wishes to come across deadly health issues at any time. To secure your and your loved one’s life, holding term insurance is of utmost importance. In India, more people are buying term insurance, and the growth has increased by 7% . Purchasing a term insurance plan is a pivotal decision, so it must be done carefully. If you are planning to buy term plan from the best insurance provider, start off the process by considering the pointers listed below.

The earlier you purchase, the better it is

In the case of term insurance, there is no particular age when you can avail it. It is said the earlier you buy term insurance, the more benefits you can have. Getting late increases the premium amount and you may also develop some illness or health issues. In a way, it becomes hard to get a policy. Therefore, when you are sure you require a life cover, approach the best insurance provider, and get it at the earliest.

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The adequate insurance cover

Determining the right insurance cover is a critical decision, and many people choose a random cover, like Rs 1 crore. But look for an adequate insurance cover that includes the liabilities, the future goals, like your child’s education and marriage, etc. Also, determine the living expenses for your family for at least two to three decades while deciding on the insurance cover. The annual inflation rate must also be considered while calculating the expenses. Always, it is better to have a higher insured amount instead of under-insured.

Adding the name of the nominee

Do not forget to include the nominee’s name with all other details who will receive the money, like your child, spouse, etc. The nominee is the person who will only receive the amount and no one else. It indicates that if there is a single alphabet mistake, the concerned person will not receive the amount. So, fill in the details carefully without hurrying. The amount will help in maintaining a better living when you are no longer alive.

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Correctly disclosing the details

You must have heard that whether it is a lawyer or a doctor, never hide anything. However, the same logic applies to an insurer as well. Some people hide things like drinking, smoking, etc., to save a few pennies on the premiums. By doing so, you are breaching the contract, following which the claim can get canceled. Thus, include all the details in the policy form correctly and cross-check it before submitting it.

Determining the tenure

After picking up the right insurance cover, the next aspect is tenure. The experts say that the term of life insurance should be till your retirement. When you are young, you have a lot of financial burdens. But as time passes, your assets grow, and after a certain age, not many are dependent on you. Mainly, it happens after you have attained the retirement age. Thus, you can consider the tenure of the plan accordingly.

Ignore single premium policies

While buying policies, you have two choices: regular and single premiums. Many people think that they can afford to pay a single premium, so it is better to opt for that. But always choosing the one-time premium does not make sense. The right option is to go with the yearly premium, and if you find that the insurance provider is trying to convince you with the one-time payment, do not fall for them.

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Opt for the basic version

Various sections are available nowadays but opt for the most basic one. It is the one that will pay you a huge amount to your loved one on your death. Some plans are designed for specific situations, so the basic one is a better choice.  

Look for a term insurance plan

A term insurance plan can protect your family during your sudden demise. It is said that investing in the scheme is the most sensible decision that you would ever take. Not only does it provide a good amount of money to your loved ones, but also helps in achieving their dreams. With term insurance, your life is insured till you pay your premiums. In case there’s a mishap and the policy holder passes away, his/her family will get the amount, thus helping them in achieving financial stability.

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