Features & Benefits of Senior Citizen Medical Policy

Medical Policy

The risk of contracting illnesses and disorders rises with age. Having a medical insurance plan to cover unexpected medical expenses is a smart option because an individual’s later years are physically and financially more difficult.

Several insurance firms offer senior citizen mediclaim policies for persons who are above 60 age. Senior citizens’ medical health insurance plans include pre-existing sickness coverage, cashless hospitalisation, critical illness coverage, and a more incredible assured amount. 

This blog will discuss more details regarding the senior citizen mediclaim policy.

What is a Senior Citizen Medical Policy?

The best health insurance for senior citizens is a type of healthcare insurance tailored to meet seniors’ unique needs. It offers a range of benefits, including coverage for hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription drugs, preventive care and more. In addition, many policies also cover vision, dental and hearing care. The coverage provided by a senior citizen’s medical policy is typically very comprehensive.

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Critical Features of Senior Citizen Healthcare Insurance

In India, there are several health insurers that offer mediclaim policies for senior citizens. These policies usually provide coverage for hospitalisation, outpatient treatments, diagnostics, and other medical expenses. Some of these policies also provide coverage for pre-existing diseases, which is an important benefit for seniors who have existing health conditions.

  • Perpetual Renewal: Specific health policies contain a restricted renewability provision, which prevents policyholders from renewing their coverage once they reach a particular age. Yet, most insurance firms offer a lifetime renewability option for their senior citizen health plan.
  • Facility for cashless claims: When a policyholder chooses a cashless claim option, the insurance provider will cover most hospitalisation expenses. If a senior adult is admitted to a network hospital and uses a cashless claim, they or their family members do not need to worry about paying for treatment.
  • Discounts: Many health insurance discounts, such as the No Claim Bonus, renewal discounts, etc., aid in lowering the cost of a senior citizen health plan.
  • Shorter waiting time: Compared to other health plans, a senior citizen plan has a shorter waiting period. Without having to wait years, the policyholder can submit a claim for the expense of medical care.
  • Tax advantages: Several tax savings are provided for senior citizens purchasing healthcare insurance each year. More about this is covered in the section below.
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Benefits of a Senior Citizen Health Policy

The benefits of a senior citizen’s medical policy are numerous; here are a few of them:

  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs: Many seniors on a fixed income struggle to pay for their medical needs. A senior citizen medical policy can help to reduce out-of-pocket costs, making it easier for seniors to access quality care without breaking the bank.
  • Access to quality care: It can be challenging for seniors to find doctors who accept Medicare or Medicaid. A policy can provide access to quality care by connecting individuals to providers within a network. 
  • Peace of mind: Having a policy in place can help you rest easy and that there is a plan in place in an emergency.
  • Lower prescription costs: Many policies offer discounts on prescription medications. This can be a major benefit, considering that prescriptions are a significant expense for many seniors.
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions: Many insurance companies limit coverage, but a senior citizen policy can provide comprehensive coverage for any pre-existing condition.
  • Coverage for preventive care: Many plans provide access to preventive care, such as screenings and routine check-ups. These services are essential for detecting and preventing severe health conditions.
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For these essential insurance benefits, contact Niva Bupa, which provides the best mediclaim policy for family and mediclaim health plans for senior citizens. With their key benefits and covers, they help senior citizens spend their days in peace. They provide coverage for hospitalisation costs, medical treatments, and diagnostic tests. Some policies also provide coverage for preventive care and outpatient treatments.

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