The Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago apartments

Chicago is best suited for people who enjoy living in a city or suburban environment. And if you prefer to live right in the heart of Chicago, you’re looking at a traditional city living with large skyscrapers, busy streets, and growing businesses. Let’s look at some of the safest places to move your family to in Chicago, Illinois.


The perfect suburban feel with urban amenities, that’s what you can expect in Andersonville. There is a wide range of young professionals in the area with a lot of budding new families. The schools are considered above average in this quaint northern town of Chicago. This area began as a small village of Swedish immigrants and still has strong Swedish roots today.

In addition to the popular Swedish customs, the city is most known for its thriving LGBTQ+ community and values. You can find many places to eat downtown with a lot of Swedish recipes. After you grab some grub, you can visit the Woman and Children First local bookstore and stop at the Wooly Mammoth antiquities and oddities shop. Whatever you may be into, Andersonville has a place for you.

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The local shopping and boutiques are something you’ll notice right away about Andersonville. And at night, the town has an active nightlife and bar scene. You can attend Chicago Magic Lounge if you are looking for something a bit different. They perform bar-side magic while you hang out and have your drinks. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


In this town, you can find the Navy Pier which is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago. This area is mostly made up of businesses, residential flats, and restaurants. This area also contains some of Chicago’s highest skyscrapers such as the John Hancock Center. You can find an abundance of medical facilities due to the Feinberg School of Medicine and its affiliates.

If you are checking out Chicago apartments for rent in this area, you will find that these are all going to be downtown. Many of these apartments are in high-rise buildings with amenities such as gyms and pools. You will find amazing views of the pier, the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan from most of these locations. You’ll experience the full Chicago city effect if you land yourself a place in Streeterville. 

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Additionally, there is plenty to do including visiting one of the many historic districts of the city. The pier is one of the main attractions with its large Ferris wheel, various shops, and traditional pier-style food. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, play some mini-golf or watch a movie on Imax. You’re sure to find at least one fun thing to do in Streeterville.

Lincoln Park

This area is one of Chicago’s most famous cities and has about 70,000 residents. Lincoln Park is a big green area, approximately 1,200 acres,  right in the middle of the city that draws thousands of visitors each year. This area has a rich history and significant landmarks. There are several very famous cathedrals with architectural roman and gothic styles.

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There is also the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Conservatory which are commonly visited by families and tourists on weekends. After you do some exploring, you can stop at one of the many famous eateries in the area. Depending on your budget you can stop at Michelin starred Boka. Or if you’d prefer to have some music with your meal, you can stop at a nightlife hotspot such as the Kingston Mines.

Whether you’re moving with the whole family or just looking for a place to start over, Chicago offers a great variety for people at any junction in life. If you’re not set on moving here just yet, you can always start with a visit. Many folks find themselves starting with a visit and staying for all the luxuries of living the Windy City life.

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