The Growth of Live Roulette in India


Roulette has grown to a casino favourite for many punters over the years. Featuring a wheel with slots for numbers 1 to 36, roulette is a game that offers players with diverse bets to wager on. These bets include various inside and outside bets. Furthermore, the game offers easy and fun gameplay based on chance.,

India is a country that has captured the attention of most game developers. This is because of its immense population making it one of the best marketplaces for online gaming. For this reason, more developers are creating packages tailored for the Indian population. Ezugi for instance, has created a live casino section that features card games of Indian origin.

However, when it comes to roulette, this game has seen unprecedented success due to a combination of factors. In this article, we explore why roulette is hitting new levels of success in India.

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Mobile Gaming

According to state statistics, over 500 million Indians used smartphones in 2019. That number has continued to grow. With more online casinos optimizing their services for mobile use, more Indian players can now access games at the comfort of anywhere.

In addition, casinos have learnt the art of this trade. They now offer special bonuses for players who use mobile devices. Such offers are not only irresistible but a great motivation to try gaming online. Live casinos have invested in enhanced graphics and animations making sure the mobile gaming experience is splendid. This also includes the use of multiple camera set-up for enhanced views of the roulette table.

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Ease of access

India is yet to legalize land-based gambling in most states. Currently, only three states in the country offer land based roulette to the vibrant community of punters across India. Clearly, this is not enough nor convenient.

This has led to the growth and success of live roulette. More people now prefer to wager online and save themselves the trouble. Moreover, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, have worked tirelessly to create different variations of the game online.

Interactive online gaming

Live casinos have always aimed at replicating the land based experience. With more cutting edge innovations, live dealers, and better live-streaming software, live casino roulette is getting better. In addition, developers have come up with chat rooms and platforms where players can have real-time interaction with the live dealers.

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As mentioned, developers are paying attention to Indian players. Therefore, it is no surprise to find Indian live dealers who understand their players better. A perfect example is Bollywood roulette.

Bottom line

The growth and success live casino roulette and other games have experience will not slow down. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic expanded the online casino market, newbies have turned to regulars. Additionally, the Indian population is mostly young people trying to beat outdated laws barring gaming online.

Therefore, they will continue to seek other alternatives to quench their love for gaming. Developers and casinos alike should pay more attention to Indian gamblers as this market will be exploding success in future.

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