The Glazer Family Is In No Hurry To Sell Manchester United!

Manchester United

Manchester United

Recent reports have revealed that none of the stakes are currently available for sale in Manchester United currently.  As far as the claims of Sunday Mirror goes,  Mohammad Bin Salma, who is the crown prince has been prepping for 4 Billion Pounds for the club which is owned by Glazer clan. Rumors are doing the rounds and the talks have surfaced that Saudi has offered a high share on the New York Stock Exchange last week.

This is what we have garnered from the reports that are given by Sunday Mirror. But something in total contrast has been claimed by PA sports in this realm. They have delineated that the Glazer clan is not at all in any mood to sell anything. Moreover, they have also proclaimed in their reports that United has not begun any discussions as well.  The latest report by the same source has told the media that Avram Glazer, co-owner of Manchester United has whisked away from the offer that came from Saudi Arabia.

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United has a number of business interests already lined up with Saudi Arabia. The epitome of this is Saudi Telecom’s partnership with the club’s official integration of telecommunications. The club has also signed a memorandum with General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia to initiate the process of development of Football industry in the country. This surely gives positive signals for more deals coming up. But due to the mishap of the death of the journalist Jamal Kashoggi at Saudi consulate, the timings of the next deals cannot be predicted at all.

The crown prince is showing a lot of interest to bring in the sports in his country which include motorsport, boxing etc. Riyadh held a football match in its premises which were played by Brazil and Argentina. This is another example that the new prince is interested in bringing up lot more sports in its nation.

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