The Failure of Mauro Zarate at Inter

Argentine forward

Mauro Zarate is a famous Argentine forward, who spent his best years Lazio. He won the Italian Cup twice with this club. By the way, soccer livescore of matches involving the Eagles can be always tracked on the site of sports statistics.

In the summer of 2011, Zarate ended up at Inter Milan quite unexpectedly for many. The club loaned him for one season. At that time, the Nerazzurri needed to strengthen the attack, but did not have a big budget. It seemed that renting the Argentine was a good option. However, the player frankly failed in Milan. He scored only two goals during the 2011/2012 league season A. Naturally, there were completely different expectations for the player. 

Zarate’s poor play also led to a very unconvincing season for Inter. The club finished 6th in the Serie A and qualified for the Europa League not without a struggle. By the way, the livescore of all soccer matches from the world of this competition can be watched on the site of sports statistics.

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Naturally, Zarate’s contract was not extended. His spell at Inter remained his only time at a truly top club. However, Mauro failed to live up to expectations. Further teams of this level did not offer him a contract anymore.

The main reasons for the Argentine’s unsuccessful performance

Zarate is a player with great potential, but he was not able to realize it because of his bad character. The same player also had to face serious competition for a place in the starting lineup at “Inter”. He usually lost it to Diego Milito. By the way, it is easy to find the score live yesterday matches involving the Nerazzurri on the sports statistics website.

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If highlighting the main reasons for the Argentine’s unsuccessful performance, it is necessary to mention the following ones:

  1. The general decline of the team. Inter then began to rapidly degrade. The team, which in 2010 won the Champions League, turned into hardly any Serie A midget in a couple of seasons.
  2. Poor understanding with teammates. This led to constant errors, misfires and other inaccuracies. As a result, even if the player was useful, it was primarily due to his individual skill rather than interaction with other players.
  3. Weak work in training. Representatives of the coaching staff saw that the player does not give his 100%. As a result, he was not always in the starting lineup. In addition, it had a negative impact on the player’s physical form.
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Therefore, when in the summer of 2012 Inter decided not to buy his contract, no one was surprised. The footballer returned to Lazio. By the way, you can go to the sports statistics website for watching the live score of the matches of Lazio, as well as data on previous games. Here, you can find all the relevant information, which is available to every fan for free. This is useful and relevant information about the game of the club.

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