The Delicious Story of La Pino’z: Meeting the Ever Rising Popularity of Pizzas

la pinoz pizza

Pizza is that one delicacy that has taken over the world in the last few years. Though they are originally from Italy and some other European countries. They are highly liked and favored as a food category in the rest of the world. One thing that makes people happy and content is a beautifully cooked pizza. With great toppings and fresh bread, India, which are various pizza outlets. But only a few have been successful in making people happy with their service. One such outlet chain is La Pino’s.

La Pino’z: Where Did it Start?

Sanam Kapoor, founder of La Pino’z saw that people had taken a strong liking to pizza in recent times. But there is a shortage of good pizza restaurants out there. He is a pizza lover and has taken it to himself to find some of the best options and toppings that exist. After searching, he saw a lot more to pizza that people have experienced to date.

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This is where exactly; his quest to bring the best pizza to the pizza lovers began. In 2011, he started the first outlet of La Pino’z in Chandigarh, which also happens to be Sanam Kapoor’s hometown. La Pino’z was a simple and honest attempt to serve the best and freshly baked pizzas. But over time, it also became a great business for him, as people started to show their appreciation towards the brand.

la Pinoz

La Pino’z: Flourished Pizza Outlet

After ten years of running La Pino’z successfully, the brand has made its impact on Indians. There are around 150 plus outlets across India, in many big and small cities. The locals love their handmade and freshly baked bread and delicious toppings of choice. Not only that, but they have also carved a niche in delivering hot and fresh pizza at home. All one needs to do is call or visits their website to place the order. Simple and easy.

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This simplistic way of ordering pizzas and other delicacies that the outlet offers has made it a known name among the city’s dwellers in which the outlets are at. All the ingredients are handmade and freshly made from scratch, along with quality vegetables and meats.

La Pino’z has excelled in not just preparing the best classic Italian pizzas out there. But, they are excelling at making new types of pizzas that, if tried, will become a staple favorite for many out there. The outlets have become a great place for people to socialize and have a fun lunch or dinner with friends. As the success increases for La Pino’z, one will see more of the outlets opening in various parts of the country.

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For those who want to know what exactly good pizzas are like, then La Pino’z is the one that will help find the best the pizza world has to offer. From classic Margharita pizza to mac N cheese, La Pino’z has everything to offer at great pricing and is freshly made right after the order.

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