SGP Lottery Predictions: Using the Secrets of Excel to Predict Next Week’s Results

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This article will show you how to predict the next week’s Singapore Pools Togel results using an Excel spreadsheet. The process is simple, and all you need are a few tools to get started! You can use this information on your own website or blog and gain more followers by providing useful content for your visitors. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience with Excel – we’ll walk through everything step-by-step.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to predict the SGP Togel results of the next week using an Excel spreadsheet.

The Process

The process is simple, and all you need are a few tools to get started

Step One: Download the files from the prediksi SGP website. You should see two templates – one for Singapore Pools Togel predictions (TOGEL) and another for Hongkong Pools Togel Predictions (TOKYO). All the formulas have been set up so that it’s easy to follow along with what we’re doing. Feel free to download both of them if you want access to more than just Singapore pools.

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Step Two: Open up the TOGEL spreadsheet and save it as a .xls or .xlsx file.

Step Three: Enter your prediction into cells C13 to D14 using this format below, where “X” is if you want Singapore Pools Togel predictions, and “Y” is for Hongkong pools predictions. Don’t forget to change the numbers in F13 -F14! This will tell Excel what data point we’re trying to predict next week’s results with. For example, entering “0 0 X Y Z” would be predicting that Singapore Pool’s next result will be between 40-60 while Hong Kong Pool’s next result will be between 01-18.

  • Singapore Pools Togel Prediction: C13 – D14
  • Hong Kong Pool’s Togel Predictions: F13 – F14
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Step Four: Once you’ve entered your prediction, click on the Data tab at the top of Excel and select “Data Analysis.” From here, choose “Forecast” from the list. Click on OK to generate a forecast graph that shows how well our predictions matched up with actual results for future dates. You can also see this in cell G17. If we had predicted correctly (in green), then it means that next week’s result will be between 40-60, like we said earlier! But if not.. then there might be some changes coming soon 😉

Step Five: If you want to save your results, click File at the top of Excel and select “Save As.” You can now export this file as a PDF or PNG if you like. That way, it’s easy for people to read on their computer screen without having to download anything!

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Step Six: Once you’re done with all of that, go back into Excel and change the numbers in cells F13 -F14 so that they match up with Hongkong Pools Togel Predictions next week instead. We’ll need two separate spreadsheets for both Singapore pools and Hong Kong pools.

Step Seven: Finally, save the new spreadsheet, change the title to “TOKYO,” and repeat steps two through six.

Get your prediction mode on now!

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