SEMrush vs MOZ: Which is the Best SEO Tool? (2020)

SEMrush Vs Moz

One of the best ways to obtain more visitors on your website is by doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engines and Social media are continuously changing their algorithms and the way they distribute the content. So it is necessary to use some sort of tool to optimize your content to rank higher in the search engines.

Here I’ve provided a brief comparison between the best SEO tools, SEMrush and Moz. Before you buy any one of these tools make sure you go through the complete article.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush was originally founded as a keyword analysis tool in 2008. SEMrush later expanded into a full SEO tool with its special focus on specializing in the analysis of online visibility and optimisation of search engine ranking.

What is Moz?

Moz was earlier known as SEOmoz, later it was rebranded as Moz. The tool started out in 2004 as an online community for SEOs and also became one of the most powerful SEO tools in the market. In today’s date, Moz is a renowned tool for SEO and offers a wide range of features like keyword research and rankings, links, page optimisation, site crawling and more.

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SEMrush vs Moz Features:

  • The features of SEMrush provides access to long-tail keywords and low competition keywords. SEMrush also helps you to track up to five competitors websites. The most used features of SEMrush is its keyword analysis tool. With SEMrush you can track maximum records of your competitors and strategize your ads accordingly.
  • Moz is known for its site crawling feature. Moz has a record of most pages crawled and it has crawled over 250,000 pages. This feature of Moz gives a strong competition to SEMrush. Other features offered by Moz are keyword research, rank tracking, link management and content management.

SEMrush Vs Moz User Interface:

  • SEMrush is available as a web application and also for mobile phones and provides a clean and organised user interface. You can find all the features easily as they offer an easy to use the navigation menu.
  • Moz also provides an online interface but it is not so clean. It becomes difficult to find out a feature you are looking for. The way they have partitioned their tools makes it difficult to find a tool, you may also have to end up googling if you can’t find one easily.
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SEMrush vs Moz Customer Support:

  • SEMrush offers a good customer support team. The customer support services are available through email, phone, live support, training and ticket submission. Sadly, the customer support services are not accessible to the free users but the premium users can easily have access to customer support.
  • In the customer support comparison, SEMrush becomes the winner as the customer support provided by Moz is not up to mark. Though there are live chat representatives who are quick and trained to help you with the problems you have. But there are times when you need to grab the phone and talk to someone about your problem which is not provided by Moz.

SEMrush Vs Moz Training:

  • Along with round-the-clock customer support, SEMrush also has a handful of training resources that can help you with your SEO practice. The training resources offered by SEMrush includes webinar, live training courses and in-person training events.
  • Moz offers better training than SEMrush via its training courses, tools and resources. All the new users of Moz receive online training via scheduled emails to train you to speed up the functionality of its services. They also offer on-demand courses, in-person training, tips and tricks and enterprise-wide training as well.
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SEMrush Vs Moz Pricing:

  • A free version of SEMrush is available though it has a number of limitations. A serious user must have to upgrade to a paid version. The paid version is priced at $99.95 per month for a single user and $400 per month for a business.
  • The basic plan of Moz also starts at $99 per month. Adding more upgrades will increase the price of the subscription. The most prestigious plan of Moz is currently priced at $599 per month.

Everyone or every business has a different need. You can choose the best tool for you based on your requirements and budget. A winner may not always be the right choice for you. Hence, make your own requirements list and budget and go for the tool that meets your plan.

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