How does everyone know about secondary memory?

Secondary memory

The physical components of a computer’s memory are used to temporarily or permanently store data or programs. It is a group of registers. Primary memory has limited storage capacity and is highly volatile. Therefore, it is essential to have a second type of memory with a larger storage capacity so that programs and data do not disappear when the computer is turned off. Secondary memory is the name given to this kind of memory. Another name for it is auxiliary memory. External storage devices, also known as secondary storage devices, are less expensive than primary memory and offer significantly more storage space.

What are the uses of Secondary memory?

Secondary memory is utilized for a variety of purposes, but the primary ones are as follows:

Large storage

We can permanently store large amounts of data like videos, images, audio, and files thanks to the ample storage space it provides.

Permanent storage

We know that primary memory loses data when the power is turned off because it only stores data when the power supply is on. Therefore, we require a secondary memory to store data permanently even when the power supply is off.

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Some Secondary memory Devices can be taken apart. As a result, data can be stored and transferred effortlessly between computers and devices.

Secondary memory in computer

Additionally, it is employed for computer-to-computer data transfer. The CPU cannot directly access secondary memory. For tasks like read/write, less expensive, it is typically slower, and used with a greater storage capacity.

Magnetic memory

For data storage, it makes use of the magnetism feature. Since the introduction of the first computers, it has been in use. It has a magnetic oxide compound-coated data storage surface. Furthermore, magnetic memory is separated into.

Magnetic tape

Only one side of the narrow plastic ribbon seen on the magnetic tape is used to store data. Compound magnetic oxide is applied on the side that stores data. A sequential access memory is what it is. Therefore, the read/write data speed is slower. It is mostly used to store backup data, music, and video. It is very trustworthy. For reading and writing data, it needs a magnetic tape drive. It can store 100MB to 200GB of data. The ribbon’s width spans from 4 mm to 1 inch.

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Magnetic drum

It is a metal drum with a magnetic oxide coating on its exterior; this surface stores data. Both the first and second generations of computers made use of it.

Pen drive

It is a portable memory device that records data using solid state memory rather than lasers or magnetic fields. It employs a non-volatile technology that is comparable to RAM. It is also known as a flash memory, USB drive, or key drive.

Blue ray disk

HD video and other multimedia files are stored on this optical storage medium. Compared to CD/DVD, BD employs a laser with a shorter wavelength. As a result, the writing arm may concentrate more intently and fit more data onto the disc. Up to 128 GB of data can be stored on BDs.

Secondary memory hard disk

They are devices for storing a lot of information. There are a variety of storage capacities available for hard discs, also known as hard disc drives. Discs are arranged on platters, which make up its construction. There are some invisible circles on each platter, each with a single central track. There are two kinds of hard discs: internal and external.

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How to work the Secondary memory?

Imagine how many drawers in a filing cabinet would be needed to store the millions of files that General Motors’ historical employee records or the Internal Revenue Service’s tax records contain. Secondary memory because memory or primary storage, can only be used momentarily; storage is required. Secondary storage is necessary since you want to keep the data you’ve utilized or the knowledge you’ve obtained through processing.

FAQs about Secondary memory

What is secondary memory and its example?

Computer memory is the storage area in which processing instructions and data are stored. The primary memory of a computer system is called primary memory.


Floppy disk, magnetic tapes, hard disk, etc.

Is secondary memory called RAM?

No, it is also known as the main memory or read-write memory.


As a result, secondary memory can store data and information almost indefinitely and be retrieved at any time. They are regarded as computer systems’ slowest and cheapest memory.

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