Bull’s Eye! Robin of Sherwood Slot Review


The legend of Robin Hood is one of the great world-famous tales and has been adapted for cinema and games more times than there are arrows in Robin’s quiver. Here is another interpretation of the brave archer’s adventure, now powered by Microgaming. You can play the “Robin of Sherwood” video slot in Bitcasino, both for real and in fun mode.

The Legendary Outlaw

The story of Robin Hood is one of the most popular ones in English folklore. According to the tradition, Robin was an excellent archer and a swordsman, a nobleman who settled in the Sherwood Forest and assembled a company of outlaws called the “Merry Men”. Together, they would rob the rich of their gold and give it to the poor. There are numerous tales and ballads about Robin’s adventures, his confrontation with the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, his romantic relationship with the beautiful Lady Marian and his loyalty to the common people and to the absent King Richard.

The earliest known ballads about Robin are attributed by the 13th century. According to the tradition, Robin lived in the 12th century and supported the great King Richard the Lionheart against his unjust brother John. There is still no conclusive information on whether that man actually existed or not. Regardless of that, the character of Robin Hood has become immensely popular and continues to be so nowadays.

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The role of Robin has been tried on b the most handsome and popular actors. In 1938, Disney produced the first Robin Hood film, “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, in which the charming outlaw was played by equally charming Errol Flynn. In 1976 film “Robin and Marian”, Robin was played by Sean Connery, and in 1991 “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” – by Kevin Costner.

Numerous video games have also been made, the oldest of which is the 1983 adventure game published by Xonox. In the game, Robin travels to rescue Maid Marian from the clutches of the Sheriff. In 1985, three Robin Hood games were released by Codesmates, Odin Computer Graphics, and Adventure International. It has been a popular theme ever since, and, naturally, the video slot game providers could not stay away.

Meet Robin Hood

“Robin of Sherwood” is a video slot game powered by Microgaming with 5 reels, 3 rows, 243 paylines and an RTP of 95,86%. The betting amount ranges from €0.20 to €40, and the maximum possible win is 150x per spin. You get to join the merry crowd of outlaws in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England and see how much gold you can win while confronting the arrogant Sheriff.

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The basic symbols are the traditional Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The higher-ranked symbols are the portraits of Robin’s closest friends and companions: the jovial Friar Tuck, a former monk of the Fountains Abbey who got expelled because he lacked sufficient respect for authority; Little John, Robin’s chief lieutenant, a man of exceptional physical power who stands seven feet tall; and the beautiful Maid Marian, Robin’s love interest. The fourth portrait is, however that of the antagonist: the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham, the villain and tyrant. The fifth portrait is Robin himself, the noble leader of the Merry Men, the greatest archer there ever lived. The top premium symbol of these is Friar Tuck who awards a 50x win if 5 of his images land on the reels. Arrows are the Wild symbol, and the Target is the Scatter symbol that gives you free spins. The special features are the Wild Turning, the Royal Cleaning, and the Gamble feature.

Wild Turning Feature

The Wild Turning feature is triggered randomly. When it launches, the randomly selected Ace, King, Queen, and Jack symbols are transformed into the Wilds.

Royal Clearing Feature

If three or more Target symbols land on your reels, you get ten free spins. The Royal Cleaning feature increases your chances of winning as after every second spin the lowest of the remaining symbols are cleared off the screen. Thus, by the end of the free spins round, you get two spins without a single low-value symbol on the reels.

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Gamble Feature

The Gamble button becomes available on the screen as soon as the winning combination lands on the reels. You can choose to bet the sum that you have just won and double it if you’re lucky. Choose a red or a green target to shoot at, and if you miss – you lose. The limit for this feature is five shots.


The reels spin in a beautiful 3D setting, with the sound effects that help you dive into the story, and the hooded figure of Robin popping out from among the bushes to keep your eye from getting bored. The portraits of the characters are brought to life, and Robin will draw his bow, while Friar Tuck will quench his thirst with a big mug of ale.

All in all, “Robin of Sherwood” is a beautifully drawn, well-animated, ultimately fun game that is available on both mobile and desktop, and can be played in Bitcasino for fun or for real money.

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