PUBG Updated Version is More Interesting than Before

PUBG Updated Version is More Interesting than Before

There is a lot of controversy regarding PUBG Mobile in our country for the past few months. In Rajkot, this game was completely banned. The reason behind it that this game was being prepared as addictive in nature. Even the police have arrested some individuals who played PUBG in public place which was against the law. There is a debate about it whether this game is harmless or addictive. Meanwhile, the team members of PUBG has increased the experience of gameplay for the players. Now players are much more attentive as well as engage with the game after the launching of an updated version of 0.12.0 Beta.

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This new version of the beta has published with a lot of new features, enhancement of the gameplay, etc. Most of the changes and enhancement has been implemented in the mode of Zombie department as of now. If a player is interested to kill Zombies and become a slaying master, they get a chicken dinner. But the new version is more difficult than before. Now the Zombies are smarter than the previous. Now they are designed as they are capable of climbing the walls and low roofs. Now they have their dogs and also able to jump.

In contrast, the facilities of players are also enhanced including Zombies. When players hit the Zombies with weapons, they move slower after being hitten. Zombies are designed well and they will able to stun with the help of stun grenades. There is a new addition of nitrogen grenades now which helps to freeze the enemies and slow the velocities of the Zombies. There is a little change in Flamethrowers. They cause more damage than the previous. Some new modes are added in the update. There is a new infinity mode that is the darkest night mode which helps to survive the team through the entire night. As a result, they can back at the time of dawn and win the match. The companion system is the other feature to help to win the battle. This is an interesting feature of the new updation.

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