9 Live Cricket Streaming Sites to Watch Cricket Online


2020 has been a trying year. But we are still grateful for the simple things in life – homemade bread, and of course, cricket. Nobody in the world does cricket quite like India, and this goes beyond the pitch too. Cricket is not just a hobby for its Indian audience, it is a passion. A must in life that one absolutely cannot do without. And now, thanks to online platforms, one can easily use live cricket streaming websites free and enjoy cricket matches anytime, anywhere, and on any screen.

Mylivecricket: Just A Click Away

There is a different joy in watching a match along with friends and family, food, and drinks in hand. But unfortunately, the corona is going to cut short those plans for a while. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy cricket matches. Indeed, now you can let go of the social obligations and lose yourself completely in the game.

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To help you achieve just that, there are some live cricket streaming websites free.

Free Live cricket streaming websites


Though you may have to shell out for the TV shows. Live cricket viewing is completely free on the Hotstar app. You don’t even need to make an account! The only minor drawback is that the stream will face a lag of up to five minutes if you do not make the account. However, it is one of the most convenient and safe platforms to watch live cricket.


Love the game but your friends don’t? Topcrickets has you covered. With chatrooms, upcoming matches, live commentary, and streaming, this is the ultimate site for the complete social experience around cricket.


A top contender to the Hotstar app concerning streaming, SonyLIV is a great option for those who want to watch cricket matches comfortably from their phones. It is also free of charge, though you may have to face potential lags and ads. Given, however, the safety and reliability of this app, it’s a great choice.

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India is the governing body of cricket in the country. BCCI is widely considered to be one of the most powerful sporting boards in the world. The Board has its website where you can keep up with live matches and cricket news. The catch however is that it is restricted to only those games in which team India plays.


A web-based offshoot of the very popular ESPN channel. This is one of the richest platforms for watching live streams. It also provides details on the match, analysis and news, and information about the upcoming matches. For the true cricket connoisseurs, this is thus one of the best live cricket streaming websites free that you can find.


Working on an important project but don’t want to miss the match? This website has you covered. The platform removes the video component, instead of providing live score and commentary, a perfect combination for low distraction and low data usage.

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The popular blogging site may be known for its endlessly entertaining threads, but did you know that people also share streaming threads on the platform regularly? You can usually find a live stream link for all major matches on threads such as r/cricket. What’s more, you will also have some great company to enjoy the game.


Trusted by many cricket enthusiasts for its reliable delivery of high-quality cricket live streams, the platform is simple and easy to use and has no other distractions such as news, etc. if you are not interested in it.


Another top choice for high-quality streaming, Sky Sports is easy to use and has tons of details about upcoming matches so that you are never short on choices. It also has interesting and in-depth commentary on many sports issues.

So now that you have all these amazing live cricket streaming websites free, forget about 2020 and its troubles and have a good time!

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