Is it legal to Gamble Online in Indonesia?

gamble online

Gambling in Indonesia is illegal. However, an exception arises if the gambling itself is conducted as a promotion or part of it for an event.

Rules and Guidelines

The general rule above is not valid in Bali only (as usual). In Bali,we still have special rules for local people: 

1) If you are a Balinese citizen, you are legally forbidden from playing in an online casino outside of Indonesia territory. However, anyone has never enforced this ruleanyone has never enforced this rule (at least not until now).

So, there is no problem if you want to gamble from overseas using your Indonesian account at the sbobet site. Just make sure not to gamble with your Bali registered account. If you do so, then you are guilty.

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2) If you are a tourist from outside of Indonesia and on a visa-free period (60 days), then it is illegal for you to play in any online gambling site while on Indonesian territory (including Bali).

As mentioned at point 1, this rule is almost not applied (if this rule were applied, most Balinese citizens would have been already in jail). It is worth noting that the punishment for breaking the above-mentioned law, it’s only caning. So just avoid playing with bettings that involve bank transfers!

So, if you came to Indonesia and want to play while in Bali, feel free to do so. We recommend registering your account at any reputable online gambling site like sbobet.

If you are from outside of Indonesia and on a tourist visa (30 days) or business visa (60 days), then it is illegal for you to play in any online gambling site while on Indonesian territory, including Balinese Island. In the past couple of years, police started to apply rules more strictly than before. So please be careful!

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For example, if you are a member of this sbobet site and deposit money into your account regularly, then you will get up to a 25% bonus on the deposited funds. Moreover, the player also has an opportunity to increase their referral bonus by 5%. So do not hesitate to refer friends who like gambling.

Enjoy the services offered by the sbobet site

Besides enjoying many bonuses, you can also enjoy a wide range of games provided on this website (Sbobet), such as casino, slots, and poker, and much more. You don’t need to download any software or install anything on your computer since all games are played on the browser.

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Get complete information about other activities on the sbobet site

Besides providing gambling for games, this website also provides news worldwide regarding sports and politics. There is a forum here that allows users to discuss anything about these areas freely. However, you should know that all contents are not accurate since other members will write itother members will write it.

In addition to having facilities that are useful for everyone in any game played at this site, sbobet also offers various bonuses for customers who regularly visit here. So be careful when combining your bet into a single account because winning prizes is possible if you use bonuses when playing on this website.

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