How Do You Use IR Blaster Phone? What Is It?

IR blaster phones

Infrared is indicated by the ‘IR’ in IR blaster. This only implies that you can operate electronics like a TV or air conditioner using a mobile device. In contrast to 2021 automated gadgets, IR blasters were more frequently encountered in mobile phones in the past. Therefore, if you have a phone with an IR blaster, sending commands to control IR-compatible devices like your TV, audio, set-top box, or even your air conditioner is simple.

What benefits come with using an IR blaster phone?

The main benefit of using an IR blaster phone is that it spares you from having to go through laborious Bluetooth pairing procedures. Additionally, it enables you to use outdated gadgets devoid of Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Overall, it is a technology that everybody can use and benefit from. The user may control and manage every device in the room from one location, just as with any other remote control. Additionally, IR blasters can be used with software for computers like EyeTV and RealBasic.

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Regarding the power supply, it doesn’t require any external energy sources. It is self-powered by the connected device, such as your PC. 

How can I use IR Blaster phone?

This might still be present in Chinese IR blaster phones. Do a google search or look for a tiny circular hole around your phone to find out if your smartphone enables or has IR integrated into it.

If you locate the IR indication, it simply signifies that the device is equipped with an IR transmitter and receiver. You can do it all with a straightforward application. Some smartphones, including those made by Huawei, Poco, Redmi, and Xiaomi, may come with pre-installed applications. If not, you can download one from the AppStore that is comparable.

You could have the ability to modify the controls in the application to your liking. You can also use an IR blaster phones that connects over Bluetooth or WiFi, or you can buy a 3.5mm IR blaster to turn your smartphone into a universal IR remote.

All that is needed for such a 3.5mm IR blaster to operate across a range of up to 15 meters is a specialized app. The second option is to get an Orvibo Allone, which uses WiFi to connect to your phone. By doing so, you can operate up to 15 other household appliances or gadgets using your phone in a professional manner.

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How to install an IR blaster in an Android device

1. Confirm that your phone has an IR blaster.

2. If you don’t already own one, get an IR Universal Remote app.

3. Launch the IR remote app.

4. When prompted, select your IR blaster.

5. Decide which model you want to command.

6. To configure the device, adhere to the on-screen directions.

7. Aim the IR blaster at the object you wish to operate.

8. Check the features of your remote.

IR blaster for mobile Android

Every type of Android mobile can have an IR blaster, but you’ll need to purchase a separate gadget for this. The next step is to install the universal IR blaster remote application. This aids in controlling infrared-capable devices such as televisions, set-top boxes, and other electronic equipment.

phone IR blasters OnePlus

Thanks to a live image that was obtained, the OnePlus 11R with Alert Slider and IR Blaster is rumored. Not only that, but the image also hints at a few additional gadget features and characteristics. The phone, which is currently being tested under the codename Udon, may see some alterations to its final appearance.

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As you may have observed, fewer smartphones now come with an IR blaster. Smartphone manufacturers are also abandoning the capability. In case you’re looking for it, Oneplus, Huawei and Xiaomi are still the two manufacturers who are most likely to have it on their devices.

FAQs about IR blaster phones

What phones have IR blasters?

1.      Oneplus 11

2.      Vivo X80 pro

3.      Huawei P50 Pro

4.      POCO F4 GT

5.      Xiaomi 12 pro

6.      Xiaomi 11T series

7.      POCO X4 Pro

8.      Redmi 11 series

9.      POCO M4 Pro

10.  Xiaomi Redmi series

Can I get an IR blaster on my phone?

If the hardware isn’t already installed on your Android device, you can purchase a plug-in, adapter, or dongle. Check to see whether you have a pre-installed app if your Android does come with an IR blaster.

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