5G Rollout Highly Anticipated By Developing Industries



The New Delhi-based multinational telecommunications services company Bharti Airtel Limited, more commonly referred to as Airtel, has announced plans for the implementation of a 5G network across India in 2022. Airtel is looking to benefit from the recent digital transformation of small and medium enterprises and to develop 5G initiatives for businesses that now demand cutting-edge technology solutions. While consumers are excited at the prospect of 5G and are already purchasing 5G phones, we will highlight a couple of industries that are anticipating the advantages that will be afforded to them more than anyone else.

Online Casinos

The casino industry has undergone tremendous change over the past decade and is one enterprise that has transformed as technology has evolved. We’ve become accustomed to the online casino interface and many Indians now regularly play an online slot or casino table game such as poker, blackjack or roulette on their mobile device. 5G is a shot in the arm for online gaming in general, but for the online casino industry, it’s a huge boost as the sector has been pivoting once more to offer gamers an experience that isn’t so isolated or passive but is social, engaging and live.

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Live games are becoming the most popular titles for online casinos as when you play live casino games your experience is heightened, as you feel a part of the action. Playing other games against a machine is still amusing, but having a competent flesh-and-blood person in the role of dealer or host provides a personal element that people crave. With the introduction of 5G, these live games will become more popular as players obtain improved gaming speed, network reliability and game accessibility. The focus of these games is currently classic casino games and game show formats, but 5G gives online casinos the power to create new gaming ventures that will entice the next generation of players to their sites. 

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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) 

Although many people have experience of using AR or VR, they remain relatively niche technologies that as yet, haven’t had the expected impact on our day-to-day lives. AR and VR capabilities have essentially been reduced through a 4G network and those in the industry faced barriers when attempting to provide entertainment options or workplace solutions. With 5G readily available, these technologies are let off the leash and will impact both our social and work lives. 

While many of us have played an AR or VR game—there are still many Pokemon Go trainers playing the game in India—we haven’t yet seen the immersive and realistic games that were forecast many years ago. Now VR can be developed to be incredibly realistic and AR will transport players to a world where you genuinely don’t know what is real. It’s exciting for gamers, but equally so for sports fans who will be able to get the sensation of being in the stadium or art lovers who can stroll around virtual museums or galleries.

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Businesses are expected to become more reliant on VR and AR with 5G, particularly those industries that require expert analysis and feedback. Enabling experts in fields such as construction, healthcare, or machine repair to be able to give live direction from anywhere in the world to a worker on-site will result in immense cost reductions and improved access to professional skills that will benefit all.

We are all curious to see what will happen with 5G networks across India as the possibilities appear endless. As Airtel manages the 5G deployment two industries are particularly excited to see what will happen, but there are many more that will benefit from this significant step in the evolution of India online.

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