How to Write an MBA Personal Statement

MBA Personal Statement

Nowadays, you can hear the official, formal education is no longer necessary to make a good career. Open celebrities and sportsmen are given as an example. Recently, online jobs, such as copywriting, blogging, digital marketing, design, and many others, are said to be accessible without formal education. While it is true that people can earn good money doing these jobs and many others, formal quality education is still a great asset when it comes to building a top-notch career, especially in Business Administration. You can become a well-known blogger just because your Instagram page is bright, insightful, or you wear fashionable clothes. But you cannot become a CEO of a successful international company just because you look good at pictures. 

One of the most important diplomas needed for a successful business career and dream salary is an MBA diploma. To receive it, you need to work like a dog. Though it sounds common, it is true, and those who ever tried or received an MBA diploma successfully would confirm it. But before you even start your education, the challenges start piling up. To be accepted in a quality MBA School, you need to write an essay and a personal statement. The minimum requirements, there will be more. However, today we will not go too deep into those challenges. Today, we will discuss only an MBA personal statement. How to write it? How to succeed? What are the major topics you should cover when writing it? Without any further delay, let’s get to business.

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Stay true to yourself 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing a quality personal statement essay is writing what you think the MBA exam committee wants to hear. First of all, these tricks are very transparent. Admission committee members have read such essays hundreds of times. They have seen it all. You cannot impress them by writing everything in the book. They have written those books just to give some guidelines, not to encourage you to rewrite them in your essay. What you should do is this:

  • Write truthfully about your skills and make sure they don’t look “too much.” It is not a quest to become a part of the Marvel or DC world, you are not a superhero and no one would believe you are.
  • You can write about things you are yet to learn. You are entering a school, remember? Yes, it is some top business school, but still, you come here to learn. By the way, if your MBA personal statement screams “I have nothing to learn, I just need that diploma!” you will most probably lose the spot.
  • Before writing — think. When you open any article about how to write an essay or personal statement for MBA it starts with writing a plan, writing about yourself, about your work. However, the most important stage is thinking and drafting. You should clearly, fully, 1000% understand why you want this diploma and what you are ready to sacrifice for it. And there will be sacrifices. They say that you need to plan not for the gains, but for the price. You will pay with money, with time, with all those occasions when you need to say no to your friends and family, attend classes online or offline and study. When you analyze it and realize that you are still fine with all this, you are ready to write an MBA personal statement and you have all the chances to sound like a real deal. 
  • Ask for writing assistance if necessary. There are three reasons to do it. First, you are not entering a writing contest, you can be great in business matters, and still be a lousy writer. We cannot be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves. Second, it is often difficult to write about yourself. Some people praise themselves too much, some are too modest. An outside perspective can be very helpful in this sense. Third, your competitors probably won’t hesitate to form a request to some professional writing service – they will find someone who can write your personal statement for you immediately. It is a popular practice. Expert writers gather information from you and write a quality MBA essay or personal statement in the given time. It comes out as a well-thought-out, balanced piece. 
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Describe your work and explain why you are a good fit

What is it that you are already doing in your scope of work? Is it you care about? What do you do on a daily basis, which big projects did you finish, and which are on the way? Describing your work, remember about being true to yourself — members of the admission committee understand how the work is done in the real world. Don’t write too much in this section, however, because it is only a frame for your personality, not the core. The balance is still important. 

The next important step is to explain why you are a good fit for this school. Here, mix the professional and personal, your aspirations and your achievements. Committee members should see a goal behind the goal, because “to get an MBA diploma” cannot be a final goal, it is just an instrument for bigger goals. Accepting your to this program a particular school should make this world at least a little better place in the future. With your help of course.

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Explain why you are good for this school, for this MBA program in particular. If you write an MBA personal statement for several schools, this part should be written separately for each and every of them. Analyze their history, read about famous alumni and professors, read the mission. Be prepared. 

Writing a successful MBA essay may be one of the most important things you do in the nearest years, that is why this task deserves focus, time, and efforts invested in it. 

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