How To Verify Instagram Account In 6 Easy Steps For 2024

Verify Instagram Account

Verify Instagram Account – The Instagram blue tick is a verification symbol indicating that an account is authentic and belongs to a public figure, brand, or entity. The verification process confirms the identity of the users and reduces the risk of impersonations or fake accounts. Getting verified on Instagram can increase your credibility and visibility and help you gain more followers.

To verify Instagram account in 2023, follow these six easy steps: first, go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the top right corner. Then select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Account,’ then click ‘Request Verification.’ Fill out the form with your full name and attach a government-issued photo ID. Next, select your category (business or individual) and provide additional information, such as links to relevant websites or articles about you/your brand. Finally, submit your request for review.

It may take several days for Instagram to review your application for verification, after which they will notify you via email whether it was approved or rejected. If approved, congratulations! You will receive a blue tick next to your username, indicating you are now verified on Instagram.

Verify Instagram Account : Instagram blue tick copy 

Once you have established yourself as a reputable Instagram user, consider getting verified with the coveted blue tick. This badge of honor indicates that your account is authentic and belongs to a public figure, celebrity, or brand. It can also provide increased visibility and help build trust with your audience.

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To apply for verification, follow these six easy steps to Verify Instagram Account:

  • log into your account,
  • go to settings,
  • select Account > Request Verification,
  • fill out the form with your full name and relevant identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license,
  • submit the form and wait for Instagram to review it, which could take several weeks.

If approved, you will receive a notification from Instagram that your account has been verified. It’s important to note that not all accounts are eligible for verification. Your account must meet certain criteria, such as being complete with a bio and profile picture, having an established presence on other social media platforms, and being active on Instagram

While getting Verified Instagram Account may seem impossible for some users, following these simple steps could give your account the credibility boost it needs to stand out on this popular platform in 2023.

Is Instagram blue tick paid? 

The blue tick on Instagram is a symbol of authenticity and verification. It is a sign that Instagram has verified the account as being legitimate, and it’s typically seen on accounts of public figures, celebrities, brands, and businesses. However, a common misconception is that getting the blue tick requires payment.

The truth is that the blue tick on Instagram is not paid for directly. There are no fees or charges to verify your account on the platform. Instead, Instagram verifies accounts based on their criteria for eligibility. Generally speaking, if you’re an established public figure who has a significant following and media coverage both online and offline – then you may be eligible for verification.

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That said, some third-party services are offered to help people get verified in exchange for money ranging from $100 to $5000, depending upon their perceived influence or popularity. However, it’s important to note that these services are not endorsed or affiliated with Instagram in any way and may harm your chances of getting verified rather than helping them as they often use unethical tactics such as buying followers or fake engagements, which can flag your account as spammy or fraudulent by Instagram algorithms leading to negative consequences such as shadowbanning or even account suspension in extreme cases.

How do you request a blue tick on Instagram? 

If you’re looking for a way to request a blue tick on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Getting verified on Instagram can greatly increase your following and establish credibility on the platform. However, it’s important to note that only some are eligible for verification.

To request a blue tick on Instagram, you must go through the verification process. It involves providing Instagram with personal information and documentation proving your identity. You’ll also need an active account that meets certain criteria, such as being public and having a complete bio.

Once you’ve submitted your request for verification, it can take a few days to several weeks for Instagram to review your application. If everything checks out and you meet their requirements, they will grant you that coveted blue tick next to your name!

Pros and Cons of verifying your Instagram account 

There are several benefits to verifying your Instagram account. For one, it establishes credibility and authenticity for personal and business accounts. It also helps prevent impersonation by ensuring that only the actual owner of the account can use certain features, like adding links to Instagram Stories or using the swipe-up feature. Verified accounts also have a higher chance of getting featured on the Explore page or being suggested to potential followers.

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However, there are a few drawbacks to consider before verifying your account:

  • The verification process is not guaranteed and can take several weeks or months to complete.
  • Some users may feel uncomfortable providing personal information such as a government-issued ID or driver’s license for verification purposes.
  • If you do not consistently engage with your followers or post content that meets Instagram’s guidelines after verification, your verified status could be revoked.

Overall, verifying your Instagram account can help boost credibility and visibility but requires careful consideration of the potential pros and cons before making a decision.


How long does it take to verify an Instagram account?

The verification process can take a few days to several weeks. Instagram receives many verification requests, each being reviewed individually for authenticity and eligibility. If your account meets the criteria for verification, you will receive a notification that your request has been approved.

What documents do I need to provide for verification?

Instagram requires government-issued photo identification and documentation proving your business or brand’s authenticity, such as articles of incorporation or a utility bill in your name. Additionally, you may be asked to provide additional information or answer questions about your account.

Can anyone apply for an Instagram verification badge?

No, only some are eligible for an Instagram verification badge. To qualify, your account must meet certain criteria, such as being complete and public, having a significant following with consistent engagement, and being authentic and unique. Additionally, only accounts representing individuals or businesses can be verified – fan pages or parody accounts are not eligible.

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