Simple Procedure To Hide Apps In Redmi For Privacy

How to hide apps in redmi

Redmi is the famous mobile that the Xiomi is selling all over the world. This Redmi model from Xiaomi has gained a good reach as this is containing various customized features. The mobile is lightweight and contains advanced technology, making users feel comfortable. There are many features present in this new model of the redmi mobile, but still, many people do not know how to hide apps in redmi. This is the biggest feature that is more secure and also helpful for the users to keep the data safe and secure. Even when you give the mobile to the service centre, there is no chance for them to see the data in the hidden folder. In this context, they will see the hiding steps of apps in redmi.

How to hide apps in Redmi Note 9

The hiding option is more grateful for the redmi note 9 users as they will get this hidden apps option from the settings menu on the mobile. Then you can simply search for the hidden apps in the search bar. This will give you the hidden apps folder, and you have to open it first and then search for the apps you are going to hide and tap the button on the right side. Those you are having the confusion about how to hide apps in redmi, these simple steps will be useful. Another method is that when you want to open the app, simply tap the settings menu and apps options. Then you will get the app lock option in it, when you tap it, you will get two more options that is app lock and hidden apps. The passcode is set here with the service set up in this step. After this, you have to tap the hidden apps and find the list of the apps that are already hidden and also search for the new apps using the search bar to hide them new. Thus, when you hide the app, it will be displayed as the hidden list in the same folder. The procedure to hide will be simple and easy to open the app with the help of the passcode.

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How to hide apps in Redmi note 8

Since the redmi is available in different models and versions, it is important to know about the procedure to hide the apps. Are you confused about how to hide apps in redmi? Then in this note 8 version, you are going to see the steps. You have to open the setting option that is present on the mobile. Then you have to tap on the applications that are present, which will display the list of applications on the mobile. Now you have to choose the program that you want to hide using the search bar. You can also scroll down and pick the important apps to hide to keep them safe. Now you have to tap on the disable option that is present in it. This means that the particular app will not be present on the home screen, but still, the user will have the chance to access them using the phone setting options.

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The procedure for hiding the apps in the redmi mobile versions like note 8 and note 9 is clearly explained. These things are more helpful for beginners and users who are unaware of the hidden security option in the mobile. Since redmi cares about the privacy of its users, it contains an inbuilt hidden app option which is more beneficial for the users. This will give good safety for the precious apps and the other folders that are present.

FAQs about How to hide apps in redmi

How do you hide an app?

Hiding the apps in the redmi versions is simple as this contains the hidden security option that is present. It means you can simply search for this option in the settings menu and then utilize it.

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How I hide my apps in redmi 9?

The procedure to hide the apps is simple: tap the settings menu, tap the apps option, and then the app lock. Now you will get the hide apps option, and here you can hide the app by tapping on the button that is present on the right side of each app.

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