How to disable this call is now being recorded in different phones

how to disable this call is now being recorded

You may disable your phone’s call recording feature in several ways. Finding the call recording feature in your phone’s settings is one option. You can turn off this setting after you’ve located it.

Installing a third-party application enabling you is another approach that How to disable this call is now being recorded. There are just a few different apps accessible, so do your homework to find out which will suit your needs the most. Once the program is installed, you can turn off call recording by simply following the instructions.

How to disable this call is now being recorded from Google Dialer

In this method you know How to disable this call is now being recorded, you must swap out the Google phone app for your stock phone or dialer app. By default, the stock dialer app is disabled, so you have to enable it again to turn off the call recording notice.

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• First, open the Google Phone dialer app on your Android phone.

• Press the following code to access system settings right away. Dial *#*#556688#*#*

• Right now, you’ll see two dialers, one of which is the stock dialer, and the other is the Google dialer.

• Activate the stock dialer. That’s it. You can now secretly record phone calls.

Company Wise codes:

  • Vivo = *#*#556688#*#*
  • Realme = *#*#556689#*#*
  • Oppo = *#*#536688#*#*
  • Xiaomi = *#*#556788#*#*

You can comment below to find the most recent codes because these codes are constantly updating.

How to disable ‘This Call Is Now Being Recorded’ announcement on Vivo Phones?

Approach 1

Step 1: Open the Google Dialer application and select Settings.

Step 2: Next, decide whether to remove updates.

Step 3: Download the TTSlexx app from the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Open the settings on the phone and look for the text-to-speech option.

Step 5: On the desired engine, tap.

Step 6: After selecting TTSlexx, a warning message will appear. Please ignore it.

Step 7: Restart your Vivo phone to get the effect

Step 8: All required tasks have been completed.

Step 9: Try recording a call immediately; the earlier announcement won’t be made.

Approach 2: 

Using a third-party app, how to turn off the call recording announcement

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Another method to stop the announcement is downloading a third-party dialer and configuring it as your default dialer on your Vivo smartphone. You can covertly record phone calls using this. Using the app, you can also activate the automated call recording option and know How to disable this call is now being recorded.

How to deactivate this call is now being recorded in Android phone.

This call is being recorded right now. Please take the following actions to disable this announcement:

  1. Start the Phone app.
  2. Select Settings by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Record Calls, then tap the Offsetting.
  4. The announcement will stop playing when you place or receive calls. Please be aware that this feature might not be available on your device if you are recording calls for legal reasons.


The “this call is now being recorded” statement can be turned off, which is a terrific approach to protect your privacy and maintain the secrecy of your communications. You may quickly turn off this notification on both digital VoIP phones and conventional analog phones with just a few simple steps. Following these steps may help keep any possible listeners out of your talks, whether you’re using them for personal or professional purposes.

FAQs about how to disable this call is now being recorded?

How do you disable this call? Is it now being recorded announcement?

You can use a few different methods if you have an iPhone and want to remove the “This call is now being recorded” notification. Simply turning off the function in your phone’s settings is one option. For this, open your “Settings” app and navigate to the “Phone” section at the bottom. After that, choice “Recorded Calls” and switch it off.

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How do you disable this call? Is it now being recorded warning in Realme?

• On your Realme smartphone, visit the Google Play Store and download the TTSLexx app.

• Go to the Settings area of your phone once the download is finished.

• You must type “Text to Speech settings” into the Settings search bar.

• Locate the option, click to open it, and then pick “Preferred engine selection.”

• Select “TTSLexx” from the menu.

• Go back to the home screen of your smartphone.

• Look for the phone app. Keep pressing the icon.

• There ought to be a selection for “App details.” Choose it.

• Locate and touch on the “Storage details” column.

• The “Clear data” option ought to be available. Choose this.

• Finally, select “Clear All Data” from the “Clear data” list.

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