How To Check Your Bank Of India (BOI) Balance

Block your Bank of India card

Bank of India (BOI) is one of the leading commercial banks of India, with over 5000 branches located in various parts. The headquarters of this bank is located in Mumbai, and it is a leading sector that has more than 10000 workers working with them. With the help of Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication, Bank of India have provided their customers to source out cost-effective banking methods and financial transactions. So if you want to check your BOI balance, then you can do that in a variety of ways that can be convenient for usage.

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Multiple options to check the Balance

Bank of India customers has a ton of options to check their Bank of India account balance.

  1. Bank Passbook.
  2. ATM.
  3. Net banking.
  4. SMS banking.
  5. Bank of India App.

How to check your Bank of India balance through SMS?

Steps to check your Bank of India balance via SMS.

  1. Visit the website of Bank of India and then click onto the mobile bank linking option which is present there.
  2. Choose the star to connect mobile bank linking and then set/change the SMS Password. 
  3. Set the four-digit password for your SMS, which you can use later. 
  4. Type the SMS like 919810558585 in the format “BAL XXXX” where XXXX is the 4-digit SMS password.
  5. For the usage of non-primary accounts, you can type SMS “BAL XXXX <Account Number>” to +919810558585, where XXXX is the 4-digit SMS password.
  6. If you want other transactions, then you can put the SMS as TRANS XXXX <Account Number>” to +919810558585.
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AccountRequestSMS Format
Primary AccountBalance EnquiryBAL XXXX
 Mini StatementTRANS XXXX
Other AccountBalance EnquiryBAL XXXX <Account Number>
 Mini StatementTRANS XXXX <Account Number>

Download the App for better convenience

Bank of India helps their customer to check the balance on the app as well. It is better and convenient for them since they can log into the app with the use of their banking credentials and then check the balance in just a few seconds.

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