Gambling Scene in Malaysia: Things to Consider

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Malaysia: A Travel Destination for Anyone

When it comes to different places to one can travel on our planet, there is no shortage. The U.S alone offers a number of beautiful places one can visit and be absolutely starstruck and can go around traveling for days and find something new. The beautiful European cities, offer some of the most vibrant cultures, and stunning architecture. However, if one wishes to venture out of the west, other countries offer more in the way of interest, especially for western travelers looking to experience a whole new, different culture.

In such a case, one need not look any further than Malaysia, which features some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, a lively culture, delectable food, and an overall wonderful ambiance. The fact that Malaysia takes such a hard position against gambling, in contrast to many other nations that rely heavily on tourism, may come as a surprise to some people. 

In contrast to a number of nations that place a significant focus on tourism and actively market gaming in a robust manner, Malaysia officially prohibits the vast majority of forms of gambling. So what does the gambling scene hold within Malaysia? What does it have to offer, and how can one make the most of their experience there? 

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Within this article, I will be going over the fundamental, barebones aspects of the gambling scene within Malaysia, the types of gambling which are legal, those which are illegal, as well as those which have stirred up some controversy within Malaysia, and giving a good look at the Malaysian legal system in and of itself.

The Malaysian Legal System: Composition and Views on Gambling

When one is talking about the main aspects of gambling and how the best live casinos in Malaysia operate within the country’s framework, one must first take a good look at how the law in Malaysia views gambling. 

Malaysia is essentially what is known as a mixed jurisdiction. A mixed jurisdiction usually takes elements from two or more legal systems and intertwines them so the country is governed by these two legal systems in tandem, with the two working as one.

This is the case with Malaysia, as it follows a regular common law system, as well as Muslim Sharia Law, which essentially falls under the category of Religious law. These two legal systems heavily stand against gambling, due to the act going against the teachings of Allah, and being classified as the 14th greater sin within the Quran. 

Because of this, gambling is not technically banned, but it is confined to those who have the appropriate licensing to host betting or gambling activities. However, these are severely restricted and are available to only individuals who are not Muslims and are not subject to Sharia Law. While all Malaysian residents must practice Islam, the country’s majority Chinese, Indian, and other racial and ethnic minorities make up 40% of the population and are hence the only ones who may legally bet.

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To prevent Muslims from engaging in activities that may be forbidden by Islam, the one and only licensed casino in the nation, the Casino de Genting, refuses service to anybody who identifies as Muslim. It can be noted that these laws are currently being reviewed, and updates to the law may be made in the near future.

Legal Ways of Gambling In Malaysia

Within Malaysia, there exist a number of ways, though limited, where one can gamble and bet to their heart’s desire. However, there is a major scarcity of these types of gambling. 

Casino De Genting

As was noted earlier, those who are Muslim or who are under the age of 21 are not permitted to enter the Casino de Genting. Despite this, it is still an excellent location for betting and gambling, and its framework and structure are quite reminiscent of those found in Las Vegas.

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Horse Racing Bets

Due to the fact that horse racing is governed by a different legal framework than gambling and sports betting, there are not many limitations placed on gamblers when it comes to betting on horse races.


Technically, lotteries and raffles also fall under the category of gambling, as they are games of chance that one can make a profit off of, and the winner wins something of value within these games. 

Online Gambling – A Legislative Headache

When it comes to the subject of Online gambling within Malaysia, this is essentially the definition of a grey area, as the legislations surrounding Online gambling, are quite vague due to the laws not being adequately updated. Therefore, while the law states that all forms of gambling are illegal, one can argue that there is no reference to online gambling, especially that which is not in the jurisdiction of the government.

Final Thoughts

Gambling is prohibited under the law of Islam in Malaysia, which cites it as one of the gravest crimes in the Quran. As a result, the gambling industry in Malaysia is not a very large one. However, there is still a degree of diversity among those whose ancestry does not include Muslims. It is impossible to predict how these rules, particularly those pertaining to online gambling, will alter as time goes on.

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