Five Fun Things to Do in Tokyo After the Sun Has Set

Fun Things to Do in Tokyo

When the sun sets in the Land of the Rising Sun, you will find plenty of fun things to do in the country’s capital. Here are five things in Tokyo you won’t want to miss.

Take in an Amazing View of Tokyo

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, your first port of call on an evening out should be to the Tokyo City View. From the rooftop Sky Deck, you get an unparalleled panorama of the city. In addition to the neon lights and urban sprawl of buildings, you will be able to spot landmarks like Tokyo Tower. You will also be able to see Tokyo Bay in the distance. Once you have seen Tokyo from high up, you will not be able to wait to start exploring the city’s delights on ground level.

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Play Pachinko with the Locals

If you really want to get a feel for authentic modern Japanese culture, you should visit a pachinko parlor. You will find dozens dotted around Tokyo. Pachinko machines are somewhat similar to slot games. You grip the machine’s knob to release small steel balls into a vertical play area. When a ball enters the hole in the middle, a drum containing symbols is activated. When you match three symbols on the drum, thousands of balls tumble out, as a lamp at the top of the machine starts flashing and a celebratory song begins playing.

Soak Up the Spirituality of Sensoji

Sensoji, which is also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple, is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. According to legend, two brothers hooked a statue of the goddess of mercy while fishing in the Sumida River in the year 628 AD. The brothers immediately put the statue of Kannon back into the water, but it came back up again. In fact, every time they tried to sink Kannon, the goddess would rise again out of the river. Consequently, the Sensoji temple was built to honor Kannon. Its construction was completed in 645 AD. If you visit the temple during the daytime, you will be accosted by locals selling their wares and have to fight your way through crowds of tourists, which is no way to experience the sereneness of a sacred site. Instead, you should head to Sensoji in the evening when there are few people about and the site is lit up, to explore the magical place in all its glory.

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Dine While Watching Dancing Robots

If you are looking for a one-off dining experience that you will never forget, head to the world-famous Robot Restaurant. You are sure to have a weird and wonderful time. Located in the entertainment district of Kabukicho, at the glitter-filled and brightly-colored restaurant you get to enjoy some delicious food while taking in the amazing robotic cabaret show. You will watch a cavalcade of robot dancers, such as dinosaurs and ninjas, strutting their stuff to the sound of techno. Honestly, a night out at the Robot Restaurant is one of the most entertaining things you will ever do.

Try the Classiest Cocktails in Tokyo

A great way of ending a night in Tokyo is to visit the Gen Yamamoto bar. The cozy and atmospheric place takes the menu tasting concept and applies it to cocktails. The devotion given by the bar staff when making the fruit and herb cocktails is incredible. In fact, the presentation is so good, that you will not want to immediately drink the cocktail. But when you do, you are sure to have one of the tastiest moments of your life. The drinks are small and designed to be savored, so you don’t have to worry about getting too tipsy.

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