FIFA Coins PC – Is there Anything to Fear?

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Coins for FIFA 23 is a virtual currency that allows you to make transactions on the transfer market in Ultimate Team mode. It allows you to purchase packs and player cards and allows you to enter paid game modes such as FUT Draft. The more Coins you own, the better. A sizeable sum in your account is the best way to improve your team’s ratings.

However, many players are apprehensive and have a hard time deciding to buy Coins online. Do they think that such a transaction could do more harm than good? What is it really like? Today we prove them wrong!

FIFA Coins PC – account theft protection

One of the arguments raised by opponents of buying Coins online, is the need for third parties to interfere with the FUT account. However, if we look at the technical issues, it quickly becomes clear that the truth is different.

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In order to process an order, it is necessary to provide the seller with information including:

  • the e-mail (login) for the WebApp/Origin account;
  • the password for your WebApp/Origin account;
  • 6 Back Up Origin Codes.

With these details, the person making the transfer actually accesses the player’s FUT account. However, he or she is not able to tamper with its sensitive areas or change anything (e.g. passwords). This can only be done by someone who knows the email password.

An honest vendor will never ask you for it!

The vendor can therefore transfer the purchased FIFA Coins 23 to you, but will do nothing else. There is no risk of adverse changes being made, let alone your account being taken over. Once the transfer is complete, the order handler immediately leaves your account and sends you a notification that the Coins have been successfully transferred.

FIFA 23 buy Coins – or how not to get banned?

Another concern for players intending to buy FUT 23 Coins is the risk of the transfer market being blocked by EA Sports. The game’s developers are combating the practice by threatening draconian penalties. A player found to have purchased Coins could be punished with an account reset (removal of all cards and Coins) or a permanent block, extending to future versions.

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The catch is that in order to penalise someone, they must first be caught in the act, which is extremely rare. How is this possible?

The best sellers use ultra-secure methods, based on a script that makes everything look to EA as if the player is trading normally on the transfer market. Transactions are conducted from different accounts and EA Sports receives its normal commission of 5% of the amount. Interestingly you, as the customer, do not pay for this. Even if a player has been blocked by EA, the suppliers update their procedures so that this does not happen in the future.

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When buying FIFA Coins PC, you do not need to issue any player cards, only the aforementioned FUT account details are sufficient. If you are ordering Coins for console platforms, please note that PSN/XBL account details are not needed. The most experienced suppliers have been operating in the industry for several years. They process several hundred transfers every day. 99.9% of them are not detected by EA Sports at all.

FIFA 23 Coins – summary

If you’re looking to elevate your team’s standing, don’t look away. The old threats are not as scary as they used to be. Thousands of players a day support their team’s budget by buying Coins online. It’s the fastest and most popular way to increase revenue. On top of that, it is safe and the transaction itself is no more complicated from the customer’s point of view than a classic online shop purchase.

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