Guide To Play Escape From Tarkov – Like A Pro

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Those who like the super-realistic gunplay games and multiplayer co-op games with a mix of battle royale gameplay would go crazy after trying to escape from Tarkov. The game has overwhelmingly detailed when it comes to weapon details, attachments and offers an unmatched tactical virtual gaming experience. However, the game is not built for those who seek simple gameplay but has a pretty complicated collection of systems scripted for a challenging survival game.

The Simplest Explanation You Will Ever Find For The EFT Storyline

As the name suggests, you have to escape Tarkov, a fictional Russian city that is being evacuated due to war. As a resident, now it’s on you to escape the city, surviving other online players who would kill you on sight, most probably for looting. Not only do you have to survive, shoot enemies, but you need to collect lots of valuable items which are possible to be traded at an in-game flea market.

After every mission, you get to keep all the items in your inventory to sell or trade them later or use them later for yourself. This is different from many other games where you usually don’t get to keep the looted items. Additionally, those having difficulty progressing in the game can use EFT cheats to make a lot of things easy for your survival.

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Before you begin, you will have to choose one of the two modes: PMC or SCAV raider. If you select the PMC, you will be swapped at a new location on the map every time. And there would be an exfiltration site on the map at some other end of it. So your goal is to survive till you reach the exfiltration point and gather whatever loot you could, and kill your enemies who come in your path to live.

On the other hand, if one chooses to be SCAV, they will have to reach the exfiltration point with a loadout. If you successfully make it to the other side, you will get to keep the items in the loadout. This mode is for those who have lost all weapons and other inventory items in their previous games and have nothing to survive.

Things You Should Do If You Want To Play Like A Pro

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a noob or veteran to escape from Tarkov game; anyone can get lost in the massive and confusing map of the game. So, if you want to complete the missions like a pro, you would need to keep a constant eye on the map. For this, you will need an extra screen or have to split the current screen because there is no mini-map in the game.
  • Every map of the game has different extracts, and you need to pay close attention to the locations of the extracts. A set of extracts will be open while others could be closed and only be opened using keys. Also, some extracts are only opened with the help of co-players that you have to manage somehow.
  • Not only simple survival but also quests in the game that you have to complete for additional rewards and unlocking certain items. ETF cheats can provide several upper hand advantages during gameplay to make it easy to complete these tasks.
  • Whatever you loot during a PMC raid can be kept in your loadout or a secure container. This container has a limited capacity, and it depends upon the edition of the game you have bought. However, the capacity can be increased by paying a high price for it. Anything that you keep in the secure container does not get lost even if you die.
  • You should be selective about what you would take in your loadout whenever you are out there on the raid. This includes items that will be useful and items that you can risk losing if you get killed out there.
  • Since the game does not have an ammo counter, you need to keep track of the ammo in your weapons manually. The game has several realistic components that include health and healing yourself when injured during a raid.
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3 Tips For Escape From Tarkov Gamers – Enhance Gameplay

Firstly, as soon as the game begins, you should check the map time to see how much time you have got to wander around before reaching the exfiltration point. This is important if you want to complete the mission without running out of time. It would become easy to decide how much time you can spend scavenging before heading for the destination.

Don’t forget to add meds to the quick access bar of your game screen because accessing meds from the inventory in between combat is not a feasible act. Also, since your weapons have assigned a number but not the medical items, therefore it could be messy to find the medical items in a time of quick need.

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If you are a serious gamer, who wants to have eye-catching gameplay can use EFT cheats that will quickly improve your gameplay without much practice. Moreover, if you share your gameplay with others via screen recording or live streaming, these cheats will not be visible in it. Furthermore, not even the servers would know that you are using cheats during your gameplay which means no banned accounts.

Making Friends During The Gameplay? – Your Survival Is In Your Hands

Although most players in the game would be ready to shoot anyone on sight, sometimes people are ready to make the team with other online players. You will see many players wiggling as they see you coming, which signifies that you are a friend. Anyone can do that by pressing Q and E repeatedly, including you, if you trust other players and want to team up with him. However, this could be a bait to win your trust and kill you in cold blood whenever the other player sees fit. So, you have to decide whether you would team up with them or kill him right there and eliminate any potential future danger. Using EFT cheats could be helpful if you wish to survive longer in the game.

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