Delta Corp – Will They Join The Growing Sports Betting Scene?

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Delta Corp is one of the most familiar names in the Indian gaming industry. Established in 1985, the company has established itself as one of the major players in the Indian gaming industry. With a staff strength of over 11,000, the company which also has firm roots in the hospitality industry has grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. It is the only listed company engaged in casino gaming in India. Its revenue of $700 million as of March 2019 is a testament to its impact in India and also accords it the potential of developing into a billion-dollar enterprise. Operating in a country like India comes with lots of benefits because economic success within the country can instantly place the company on a pedestal for continental success or even global dominance. However, sustained dominance in a market like India will come through the expansion of the existing portfolios. Having achieved success in the gaming and hospitality industry, the time is right for Delta Corp to spread its tentacles into other industries. 

Possible Foray into Sports Betting 

Based on the remarkable success that has been recorded in its hospitality and casino operations, a diversion into sports betting is expected. This will serve as a natural progression curve for the company which can also help it to establish itself as a continental force in the gaming and relaxation sector. The sports betting industry in the second most populous nation in the world is ripe for investment. As a multidivisional company with interests in hospitality and gaming, its gaming enterprise has become one of its biggest cash cows and thus has been the subject of expansionary moves in recent times. The company holds 3 out of the 6 offshore gaming licenses in Goa and operates 1,700 gaming positions across the state. India is one of the COVID-19 hardest-hit nations in the world and the effect of the pandemic on the economy is likely to be severe. 

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The imposed lockdowns occasioned by the pandemic will limit the revenue from the hospitality division of Delta Corp as visitors will be restricted from visiting the country. However, this creates a great opportunity for expansion into sports betting. As businesses are forced to close down and movement restricted, Indians are likely to turn to gaming and sports betting as a medium of entertainment and earning residual income for themselves and their loved ones. As a sports-loving nation, sports betting is already gaining a rising profile in the country, hence, now will be a good time to launch into the industry. 2021 is likely to be an epic year for Delta Corp as the expected growth in the Indian gaming industry is poised to bring about higher revenue for the company. Building on this success can thereafter serve as a template for expansion of its services across the various ventures the company is engaged in. 

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Legality Issues

The growth prospects and incredible ROI obtainable in sports betting globally are undeniable. However, entry into the sports betting industry in India is not straightforward as there are certain legal, cultural, or religious bottlenecks to be conquered. The status of online sports betting in India is a bit complicated. Sports betting is perceived as illegal, but no specific laws prohibit Indians from engaging in sports betting so far as the company is located outside the shores of the country. This arrangement will likely impede the expansion of Delta Corp into sports betting. There will be a need to lobby politicians to pass the necessary laws that will officially legalize sports betting in the country. This task shouldn’t be difficult as the legalization of sports betting can contribute significantly to the economy of the country. When the relevant laws are passed, the religious and cultural aversion to sports betting in the country will likely recede and the coast would be clear for Delta Corp and other companies to penetrate the market. 

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India is a sport-loving nation and the love for cricket and football which are some of the most followed sports in the country will contribute to the success of sports betting. All it takes is for one major organization to take the bold step of influencing political and legalistic backing for sports betting and it could pave the way for other companies to join the fray. India is too big to be devoid of sports betting companies fully operational within its terrain. If the decision to launch into sports betting is ratified by the board of Delta Corp, it would be a major landmark as they would potentially be playing the role of a pathfinder in the Indian sports industry, clearing the path for others to join.

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