Congress Made Farmers Fool on Loan Waiver Issue: PM Claimed

Congress President initiated the loan waiver for the farmer after their victory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the Congress Party on Thursday for this reason. He said this party was trying to fool the farmers. He added that the party could not complete its promises in the previous time.

The Incident:

Modi accused that the Congress government also misguided the ex-soldier about the execution of their pension. The government was unable to fulfill their demand for this issue.After his criticism, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s party will not permit to take rest the Prime Minister, unless he approved the loans for the farmers throughout our country. In Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, where Congress won the election with a clear margin, had declared already about the schemes of the loan waiver system. The present Prime Minister claimed when Congress party was in power in 2009, they promised to waive loans of an amount of six lakh crore rupees. But the party waived loans for the framers, which was costs 60000 crore rupees only. According to the CAG reports, many farmers of our country were not benefited from the schemes of loan waiver which was initiated by the previous Government.

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Modi accused the Congress party of not delivering the loan waiving proposal during the assembly elections in Punjab and Haryana region. He said the farmer who belonged from Punjab, got nothing from the scheme, whereas 800 farmers from Karnataka were received token money from this scheme. During the ruling of Congress Government, it took challenges about the implementation of the loan waiver scheme, initiated in the state as well as in the central region. He added the Manmohan Singh Government also misguided about the allocation of inadequate budget for the ex serviceman. But Modi Government has successfully executed the scheme, named ”one rank, one pension”. The scam of the pension scheme costs 90,000 crores occurred during the time of previous Government. That incident was exhumed when Bharatiya Janata Party came to rule at the Centre of our country. Modi also announced about the Vajpayee Government, who initiated the industries and many developments in Himachal Pradesh area.

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