Are We Shunning Conventional Media in Favour of Gaming?


The gaming industry is so big right now. According to the latest statistics, it’s a bigger industry than movies and music combined, and that says a lot. It wasn’t like that years ago when studios had to shut down operations due to lack of funding. In the past few years, the industry grew over 30%, and there are many reasons for it.

One of the biggest ones is the fact that we’re continuously shunning conventional media in favor of gaming. Video killed the radio star a long time ago, and streaming killed the video star. The entertainment industry is evolving in many ways, and right now, streaming and online gaming are the driving forces behind its growth.

While it was previously considered a pastime for geeks, everyone’s playing one game or another nowadays. Whether you’re a competitive Esports player, a Twitch streamed, or you simply play live roulette games for fun, there’s a whole lot to do when it comes to online gaming these days.

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The Decline of TV and Radio

Decades ago, others would find you insane for predicting the decline of radio and TV. It took a while, but conventional media is in a free fall. People are more than willing to pay for streaming services such as Netflix or HBO Max, deciding to watch content they prefer instead of being served nonsense on TV. With major Hollywood studios releasing their new movies on such platforms, it becomes clear that streaming is the main reason behind TV’s decline.

It’s been going on for a while, but streaming apps enjoyed a massive boom in the past few years. Fueled by the pandemic and low prices, Netflix has millions of viewers globally. It pushes content all the time, and has even had some of its movies accepted at the Oscars. This was simply unimaginable in the past, but Netflix’s revenue blew right past Hollywood last year, and that’ll be a familiar picture from now on.

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Radio, on the other hand, has been shunned in favor of podcasts. They come in many shapes and sizes. You have tech podcasts, sports podcasts, and other podcasts to listen to on repeat on your way to work or home. People have different interests, with podcasts focusing on many of them as opposed to radio. Sure, some radio stations are still popular, but not as much as Joe Rogan’s podcast, for example.

The Rise of Online and Mobile Gaming

Another major reason why we’re shunning conventional media is the rise of online gaming. We’re not just talking competitive Esports games. You can now easily go for a round of poker with friends anytime and anywhere, or play immersive single player games instead of listening to depressive news on the TV.

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Games have become more social than ever. Many pros play new games on streaming channels such as Twitch, and people are more than willing to have some fun watching them instead of watching TV. As the younger generations say, TV and radio are old news.

Game streaming, on the other hand, are on the rise. Major streamers are signing deals worth millions of dollars with Twitch or Youtube, showing you how far streaming has gone. It’s a booming industry that also promotes video games and boost their popularity too. With so much content on the web and streaming apps, it’s clear why radio and TV are losing their popularity.

Of course, they will continue to exist in one form or another. Remember when tablets were supposed to kill newspapers? It never happened. Streaming is popular and so is online gaming, but TV and radio aren’t going anywhere nowhere soon.

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