What are the ways to set up the amazon prime video parent?

Amazon prime video parent

When selecting what to watch next, children have near-unlimited choices with Amazon Prime Video. Its streaming facility continues to produce acceptance, and parents need to be alert of the various ways they can control what their children are watching. The acceptance of Amazon Prime Video has been gradually growing in current years. As Amazon lasts to raise, so too does its range of content. Parents may need help keeping track of what their children are watching because of this. We’ll look at how to use amazon prime video parent controls in this guide to control what your children watch. Additionally, we will offer some advice on how to discuss responsible streaming habits with your children.

Amazon prime video parent: How to set up the prime video?

Follow the steps below for each user to set up parental controls and restrictions for Prime Video.

  • On your phone, open the Prime Video app.
  • Navigate to Account and Settings now.
  • From the menu at the bottom of the Prime Video app for Android or iOS, select My Stuff.
  • Choose an age limit and the devices you want them to apply.
  • Finally, select Save.
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These settings can be managed directly on the device.

Purchase amazon prime video parent restrictions. 

Activate Purchase Restrictions to require your Prime Video PIN before purchase to prevent children from using your payment method to purchase movies and shows on your Amazon Prime Account.

  • Go to the Controls for Parents tab.
  • Choose the On button.

Before you can enable Purchase Restrictions, you need to come up with a PIN for Prime Video.

Amazon prime video parent: Amazon Prime Parental Controls PIN

It has its own inherent parental controller purpose in the method of Prime Video PIN. You set a five-digit digital PIN to control permit content on your Account. The amazon prime video parent PIN is not a portion of your account format; it must be manually fixed and allowed. Once you fix a PIN, you can select the score of the displays that can be opened easily without the PIN. So first, workers that take the PIN can buy content on the Account. On the optimistic side, though, varying your PIN doesn’t need your old PIN. Then you can do it by just sorting it to your Amazon account.

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Amazon prime video parent: Prime Video PIN Set up

A PIN controls buying or watching content on a specific device. The PIN applies across complete devices once a system. Then Fire TV strategies have their Parent Control situations.

  • Select Parental Controls from Account & Settings on a PC or Mac.
  • After entering a PIN, click Save.

Once set up, it works on all devices. Restrictions imposed by parental control only apply to the device for which they were set up.

Amazon prime video parent: Turn Off Parental Control

You can change your parental control password by performing a factory reset on the device. The settings on your device are reset to factory defaults when you do a factory reset. All parental controls and the password for restrictions are set to their default values. The service provider, for instance, can restrict how long a child can watch a certain channel or movie by employing parental control. The user needs to input the password to watch it. 

How to use the amazon prime video parent control?

It is on the quick lane to attract a colossal entertaining application. One of the beloved features of this application is the very accessible amazon prime video parent Controls, which offer you the desired command to avoid your children from buying or watching offensive content. Eager to take benefit of this well-believed feature? Set up Amazon Prime Video parent panels on Android, iPhone, and PC as open as possible. You also have the choice to decide whether to use the control for a specific device.

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FAQs about Amazon prime video parent

How to reset the amazon pin?

Select Reset Your PIN from the notification that appears on the screen to reset your PIN.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls?

If you forget your password, you can’t access the parental controls. You must reset your Kindle to regain access.

How to set Default Password?

The user must enter the password to watch it. The password of choice is 0000.


In conclusion, be supported that there are secure ways for your kids to like movies and entertainment. Open talks with your children that support them in knowing the importance of media judgment will assist them in making sensible media selections for years to come. This controller will support you with system controls for your kids in the applications you utilize to stream content.

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